IMG_1267[1] The Threadz clothing advertisement targets all women, and is promoting a competition which benefits this company greatly. This print ad was distributed in a magazine and uses effective strategies to influence its target audience. These strategies include colour, acting, persuasive language and the next step.

The colour theme of orange in this advertisement is used to attract its target audience with its warm vibe. The colour orange is typically used in advertisements targeting youth, but this advertisement efficiently uses this colour to suggest to the viewer that their young clothing line can connect them with their youth. The white background is used to clearly highlight the three models and the clothes.

The main focus of this advertisement is of three women, linking the actor choice with the target audience. The women’s facial expressions are happy with big smiles, which associates the product with happiness. The body language of these women seem to be proud and successful. No celebrity endorsement was used to emphasise the fact that any ordinary woman can look great in these clothes.

The text in the advertisement uses persuasive language to influence potential buyers. The use of second person is to involve the target audience with the product. The imperative language applied such as “get” and “win” tells the viewer to do something. The text is bold against the orange background and can be clearly read. The store brand is in capital letters to highlight the most essential part of the advertisement.

The next step is often used to give the target audience more information about this product and where to get it from. This advertisement gives the viewer their web address and a phone number. The big competition sign is right next to the contact details which is no coincidence. This moves the viewers eyes from the competition information to the contact details making a specific link between the two.

The Threadz print advertisement is successful in appealing to a women target audience. The efficient use of an orange colour theme attracts the target audience with its warm vibe, and the persuasive language involves the viewer. The female models appeal to the target audience with their facial expressions and body language. In conclusion, this is an effective advertisement.

4 thoughts on “Threadz

  1. Well-structured Chrissy. In addition to appealing to youth, the orange colour also has the effect of drawing our attention to the ad, as it’s a bright and warm colour. Use a quote to show the second person “Get your summer threadz”. You could also comment on the spelling of Threadz – that the use of the z instead of an s appeals to the audience by making the product seem more cool and funky – older women can still be cool like the youth. Overall this is a perceptive and detailed piece. Great work!

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