Deconstructing an ad- McDonald’s Waffle Cone

This is an ad promoting the product of the Waffle Cones at McDonald’s. This print advertisement was found in a magazine, and has no specific  target audience. The company, McDonald’s hopes to gain no new customers as this is for their existing customers that like to eat ice cream in Summer (because, who doesn’t?). This advertisement persuades us with its use of colour, layout, branding and language.

The salient image of this advertisement are the Waffle Cones. They’re placed right in the middle of the page to catch your eye. There’s the chocolate flavour, strawberry flavour and caramel flavour to show that they have variety and hopefully, you’ll like one of the flavours. The price of a Waffle Cone is $1.95 and that’s put in a circle (next to the Waffle Cones) with spikes. This implies that it is a ‘cheap’ and ‘hot’ price.

The McDonald’s colours, red and yellow are used in this advertisement effectively, as the background is red and the name of the product is written in yellow. The border of this advertisement is white and so are the words, ‘Lick or bite, it’s all awesome’. This writing is aimed at children, because they tend to do that, but it is also aimed at adults because the child in every adult can come out and ‘lick or bite’ their ice cream too.

The McDonalds logo, of the golden arches is easily recognised by everyone. Their logo has been strategically placed in the corner at a reasonable size along with their slogan ‘I’m lovin’ it’.

Overall, this McDonald’s Waffle Cone advertisement successfully appeals to its target audience, in my opinion. It’s nice and simple and definitely catches my attention.

3 thoughts on “Deconstructing an ad- McDonald’s Waffle Cone

  1. This was a good posts but it was a tad confusing at one part. When you say ‘McDonalds hopes to gain no new customers’ it was confusing because why wouldn’t they want new customers? All companies want more customers to buy their product. We liked your use of positive language
    and description of the colour and images. And how you said the price was said to be “cheap” and “hot”

    -Jovana & Lynee

  2. Hello fellow blogger,
    We have found some constructive feedback we would like to share with you. We have found that your text did not sum up the advertisement well. Although we do know that there was hardly any writing on this advertisement, we have noticed that it could have been more in detail. On a positive note, we learnt that waffles are $1.95 and are considered cheap by advertisers. We look forward to reading some more of your work soon. Much love, your fellow wordpress bloggers.

  3. A well-structured response, although it would help me to provide feedback if you had posted an image of the ad. Agree with Lynee that the product is always going to be aimed at getting new customers. I would say that this is probably aimed at a younger audience. The positive term “awesome” was chosen to appeal to a younger audience, and typically it’s mainly kids who love icecream, and their parents who buy them. You discuss the branding well – the use of the logo and the red and yellow colours. A good start to build upon with a bit more detail about language and layout.

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