Raspberry and Lemonade Blast Blistex : Deconstructing an Advertisement

In this bold, eye-catching advertisement, Blistex are advertising their Raspberry and Lemonade Blast lip balm. This print ad, with a target audience of adolescents, specifically females, could be found in a magazine for teenagers or in the form of a poster. Through the use of positive language, positive-looking models, colloquial and hip language, and bold colours, positive and memorable links and associations can be made with the product.

The reading path’s most salient feature in this ad are the large, block letters at the top of the page. By making the letters a colour (white) that lifts off the red background, and not to mention the exclamation mark at the end, the responder’s eyes are certain to see the words in the initial stages of viewing the advertisement. This means that the advertisement has already grabbed the attention of the viewer and can then begin the manipulation process that is sure to follow.

The main colours used in this ad are bold reds and yellows, which correspond with the colours of the product packaging. The colours are only made more prominent by the contrast of the bright red and yellow against the dull neutrals of the models’ clothing. This reinforces the product being advertised in the viewer’s mind.

In order to both create a positive association towards the product and to relate to the target audience, a deliberate decision has been made to have happy, ideal-looking, teenage females in the ad. Through this, the technique of bandwagon has also been used. This means that if teenagers want to be seen as “cool”, they have to have moisturised lips  and must buy the product.

Throughout the ad, colloquial, hip language is used, for example, “…much fun with your BFF!”. This technique is used to attract he target audience, teenagers, as this is common lingo to hear amongst the age group. The result is further strengthened through the use of omission and positive, persuasive words, such as “perfect”, “fun”, “moisturised” and “protected”. Only the positive properties of the product are being shown to the reader, not the bad ones, to imply that the product is perfect.

Strong connotations can be made by the target audience when viewing this advertisement. The three elements that can be linked to create a positive association towards the product are the phrase ” Life is twice as much fun with your BFF!”, the two smiling girls with upside-down hair that occurs when on a rollercoaster, and the tickets that are deliberately placed with the “I rode the big dipper” badge. The connotations formed from these three elements are 1) The two girls are best friends and 2) They have been on the ‘big dipper’ together and have had fun. Since theme parks are popular amongst the teenagers, target audience, this may remind the target audience of happy experiences, thus creating the positive association with the product. This may persuade the viewer to purchase the product.

Through the use of a hyperbole in the phrase ‘Life is twice as much fun…’, excitement and high expectations can be made towards the product by the target audience, as a connotation can be made between the exciting phrase and “exciting” product.

Phrases in second person perspective have been written in this advertisement. These include ” …your BFF…”, “… you and your BFF…” and “keeps your lips moisturised…”. This reaches out and involves the viewer, which may compel them to buy the product.

By offering a free sample of the Blistex product in the badge, “Scan for FREE SAMPLE!”, the reader may become enticed by the product because they don’t have to pay for it. This is especially effective because the target audience, teenagers, probably don’t have a lot of money to spend on a product that might not even be good. An imperative verb is also used, ‘Scan’, in order to clearly outline to the target audience what needs to be done and grab their attention, as it can be read as a command.

With the goal of persuading teenagers, the target audience, that Raspberry and Lemonade Blast Blistex lip balm is essential to sustain life, this advertisement proves to be extremely effective. BY using a combination of visual techniques, such as branding colours and positive-looking models, and language techniques, such as second person perspective and colloquial language, as well positive connotations, a strong and pleasant association can be made by the target audience to the product which will most likely lead to them purchasing this product.


2 thoughts on “Raspberry and Lemonade Blast Blistex : Deconstructing an Advertisement

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post as you highlighted the main techniques really well. You explained each technique in detail which helped me clearly understand why they were used. I also like how you identified the tickets and the I rode the big dipper badge. I don’t think there could’ve been any further room for improvement. Well done! 🙂
    Also in the fifth paragraph when you talk about colloquial language you accidently wrote the word he instead of the, this is in the second sentence.

  2. This is an extremely detailed analysis, Cordelia – very sophisticated. I don’t think I could have done better myself! You clearly explain how the techniques persuade the responder. The only thing I would say to improve is when you mention omission, you don’t really explain what is omitted. You could also talk about the hyperbole in “life is twice as much fun” and the imperative verb instructing us to act, in “scan”. Overall, this is very impressive. Well done!

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