Smokers Quit line – Advertisement


This is a deconstruction of an ad made to target smokers of all ages, preferably smokers that have either just begun or smokers that have continued over a short period of time (1-2 years), it is advertising the effects of long-term smoking and promoting that you can stop now before it’s too late. I believe that the main techniques in this ad are visual techniques and the language used.

I believe that the main visual technique used is the salient picture of the ad which is the woman, Terrie. In this ad they have decided to use a factual response to the side-effects of long-term smoking, using the picture of Terrie they have shown what smoking can do to you in the long run to all smokers out there. Providing this visual effect of a negative impact on smoking the ads works to put off all smokers that see it, smokers that do respond well to this ad will think about how it could effect them in the long run and if the ad itself does justice it can put smokers off completely.

The language used in this ad has a huge impact on the vibe that you receive from it and plays a big role in how it can impact the lives of many smokers out there. At the very top of the ad it states that this is “a tip from a FORMER SMOKER” which implies that this is a true story and that it can possibly happen to you. This has a negative effect on smokers because just by reading it you can tell that it’s not good and due to the bold capitals of “FORMER SMOKER” tells you that this person has stopped due to what has happened to them. Using this true story open line leads back to smokers reading this as they could be thinking that it might happen to them.

Speaking in second person perspective we have a sentence that reads “Record your voice for loved ones while you still can.” This statement, for the majority of the the world’s population can come off as a scary thought of reality, no longer being able to use your own voice without any devices to help you do so is something the world is not ready to fully acknowledge as something that occurs in everyday life. This sentence is most likely voted to be the salient language used in this ad as it draws your attention to the large, bold, capitals in italics placed a little off the centre of the advertisement. This ad has used a frightening sentence that once again can result in a positive response to quit smoking which therefore makes the ad a success.

In conclusion, I believe that the overall effectiveness of this ad is great since using the negative aspects to promote the side effects of long-term smoking can impact you and the lives around you. Using a true story and several language techniques to impact smokers this ad can effectively reach the lives of many to stop smoking.

3 thoughts on “Smokers Quit line – Advertisement

  1. I thought your deconstructed response to the above television ad was well written and detailed. The imagery is strong and I liked how you emphasised the reality of smoking. Very well done, look forward to your next post :-))

  2. A detailed and well-structured post. I think this is also particularly targeting smokers with families – it is using emotive language, “record your voice for your loved ones while you still can”, and emotive imagery of a lady with her voicebox removed, to make smokers feel guilty/afraid and shock them into stopping. In the last line of your second paragraph, use “affect” instead of “effect” as you are using it as a verb, not a noun. I wouldn’t say this is a factual representation of what smoking can do – it is designed to be highly emotive and shocking. You could also discuss the symbolism of holding a photo of her child and herself when she was younger. It shows that she will never be able to speak to her son again. Her facial expression and damaged jaw and lower lip are also persuasive for the audience to quit smoking. Just some ideas to add to your already-effective piece. Well done.

  3. I love your blog and how u give all the risks that can kill you like the ads on T.V or in the newspaper and look forward to sseing more blogs from u soon 🙂 😀

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