Deconstructing an ad- Don’t drive stupid

The advertisement ‘Don’t Drive Stupid’ is a print ad about driving stupidly and the effect it can have on you. The target audience are young drivers. The advertisement is very powerful and has a strong effect on the reader. The techniques used to persuade the audience are Acting/facial expression, Onsreen Text, Special Effects and Camera Techniques.

The first technique used to influence the reader is Acting/ facial expression. The most dominant part of the ad is her facial expression. Her expression shows a distraught woman who was in a car accident that lost her beautiful appearance. This image is achieved by her serious facial expression that makes you feel empty like she’s lost something that she can never get back. This helps showcase the effect that driving bad can make you look bad and links back to the main idea that driving stupidly can really badly effect you.

The Onscreen text is a technique used is used to stand out and really grab your attention. The words ‘Don’t drive stupid’ really stand out as they are repeated three times and are larger than the rest of the text. The Onscreen text makes the ad more informative and helps drill the meaning to drive safely into your head.

Another technique used in this ad is Special Effects. The photo is effected to make it more realistic and depressing. The photo really makes you feel sad and want to help her when you look at it. The effects have been used like this to positively influence you about the idea. The special effects of her eyes and the scars on her face make her look empty inside and seem like she will never recover from the car accident, that has scared her for life. This technique is used efficiently to help persuade the reader to be safe when they drive and to think about how traumatic a car accident can be.

The final technique used in this ad is camera techniques which has been used to ad effects to the upsetting photo. The close up of her face and the angle of the camera help add to the depressing feel to the ad.  The close up zooms in on her face and her scars after the accident which helps show her vulnerability and the angle of the camera is also used to help add to this feeling. This effect has been used effectively to help add to the main idea of how driving stupidly can effect you for the rest of your life.

In conclusion, the advertisement ‘Don’t Drive Stupid’ is a very powerful and effective ad. It really makes you think about how traumatic car accidents can be. The ad effectively targets young drivers. I believe that the ad has achieved it’s ultimate goal of showcasing the effects that can happen after a car accident and helps persuade the message to drive safely on the road.

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