Global Warming Ad

This global warming ad is advertising how we could help stop or at least slow down the global warming process. There is no specific age group which this ad is targeted at, but this ad is targeting anyone who cares or wants to do something for our world. This ad can be found in an environmental magazine or as a poster. The techniques used to persuade the audience are facts, humour, colour and imperative verbs.

Facts are used to persuade readers by telling them that it is true and they haven’t made it up. The fact in this ad ” One thing that causes global warming is electrical pollution.” This tells us that electricity is harming our world, we use it everyday for our entire lives and every time we use it we are unaware that it is harming our world.

Another technique used is humour, the humour of this ad is the two penguins on the floating ice with the older and larger one trying to pull the cord out. We assume that the cord leads to the lamp which is shining onto the ice, and that the heat from the light is melting the ice and if the ice melts then the penguins will most likely have no where to live. This is also symbolism as it is symbolising how the ice in our north and south pole is slowly melting away.

The colours used in this ad are cool colours, these colours are another form of symbolism as it symbolises the clear sky and the ocean. The lamp’s light is light orange which symbolises the sun. The colour white is the colour of innocence and since the penguins are mostly white we think of them as innocent and we see them being harmed by the heat of the electrical lamp.

A language technique used is imperative verbs, the words “turn” and “now” in “Turn it OFF now!” are imperative because they are telling you what to do and when. Now is a strong word cause it is being direct and telling you exactly when to do it. The word “off” is in bold because that is the main message the ad is trying to get across to the target audience.

In conclusion, this global warming ad is persuasive due to the way they use techniques. Such as facts, humour,colour and imperative verbs.

One thought on “Global Warming Ad

  1. This is a clever and detailed analysis of the advertisement. You have structured your deconstruction logically and effectively, and analysed the key visual and language features of the ad. Well done!

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