Nightmare’s Awakening

This is a story for one of the lessons in class where we were asked to create a story of our choice.

I absolutely love fantasy, and I’ve always wanted to use dual blades if I ever got to choose a weapon of some sort (me and my mind… Who knows what goes on inside…). This was inspired by a game I played, called Aura Kingdom. That, and a few figments of my imagination.

I know you all hate author’s notes, but I think this will catch your attention.


If you are squirmish, or don’t like reading gruesome things, please DON’T READ THIS. Wouldn’t recommend reading at night either, but oh well. I wrote this at night, so eh.

I know, if things like this goes on inside my mind, I might be crazy and I might (definitely) need help… This isn’t as violent as I would usually write. I tried to limit the gruesome scenes (it hardly worked at all since my hands never work with my head) and tried to limit the word ‘blood’ (not like that worked, either…).

Oh well. I really enjoyed writing this piece.

“…Lexi! Lexi!”

I snapped out of my thoughts, and glanced over at my blacksmith, Erica. Quickly, I ran over to her, sensing the urgency in her voice. Flames engulfed the city, and Minors, monsters who were of a low level, yet still quite dangerous, stalked the area. They bared their razor sharp fangs at any enemy that crossed them, before sinking them into their flesh.

I saw the look of fear all over Erica’s face, shortly followed by the look of agony. I noticed her clutching her chest, blood falling from her wounds. She had been attacked, and she had just escaped with her life. Even so, Erica was dying. She was losing blood at a rapid speed, and there was nothing I could do. All the medical facilities in the city were burned down ages ago.

“Erica!” I exclaimed as she coughed out more blood. I bent down, my arm around her, trying to keep her up. “Erica, come on, don’t die on me! Hang in there!”

Erica smiled weakly, falling to her knees. Slowly, she handed me a fine pair of weapons. They were possibly the best she’s ever made, as well as the last. Yes, I was a duelist. I’m not trying to boast, but I was one of the best fighters as well. I stared at the dual blades that Erica gave me. They were amazing. The steel blades were fine and sharp, able to cut through even granite, iron ore or any other metal. The handles were made to fit into my hands perfectly, giving me the best grip to hold my weapons. I looked up at Erica, my heart aching.

“Lexi, don’t look at me like that…” Erica laughed, even though it was forced. “I made them especially for you. You need to save the rest of us… I’m just one person. An ordinary blacksmith. There are many far better than me… I’m not worth much here…”  She coughed again, spilling blood onto the ground. She was getting weaker and weaker. She wasn’t going to last much longer. The blacksmith smiled warmly, holding my hands. “I’m putting all my faith in you. Don’t let me down… Don’t let us down… Don’t succumb to the darkness, either…”

I shook my head. “I won’t! I won’t lose, I promise. Just don’t die, not now.”

Erica chuckled, falling slowly into the depths of death. She smiled one last time.

“We will all die eventually, Lexi. It just happens that my time is now.”

Erica died, and I was mad. Really mad. I had my blades in my hands, which Erica had named the Twin Blades of Unhealing, ready to attack at anything in my way. The Minors hijacked me, but I defeated them easily with my twin blades. All I had to do was to meet up with my partner, Andre, and get my mission from him.

I saw the palace guards slay monster after monster. There were hundreds, no, thousands of Minors, many alive, and only a few slayed. I quickly attacked any Minor who stood in my way, making my way up the marble stairs of the grand palace, which was now being burned to the ground. There, I saw Andre, easily defeating a horde of Minors that had suddenly clawed at him. Luckily, he wasn’t hurt. He noticed me, and forced a smile, sprinting towards where I was.

“Lexi, thank god! You’re still alive, even through this madness.” Andre put a hand on my shoulder, slightly comforting me, even though there were monsters on the loose. Almost immediately, his smile faded and was replaced with a stressed frown. His chestnut eyes were dulled, and his once fiery orange hair was now stained in a Minor’s thick, black blood. He looked back at me with weary eyes. “I need you to help me defeat the three monsters that stand before us, then the Dark Lord in the Queen’s chambers. I can’t do it alone, not in this state…”

I nodded, understanding everything. Andre was tired, and he was weakening. Not dying, just weak. I helped him keep his balance by having my arm around him, and he was grateful. He held his sword in one hand, and dragged his shield in another. Both were smothered in thick blood, which smelt revolting, and looked terrifyingly disgusting.

I grabbed his hand. “What are we waiting for? Let’s go save our kingdom!”

Andre smiled genuinely, standing up tall and proud, as if he had just suddenly regained all his energy. Man, he was one really proud show off. Smiling, he nodded.

“Let’s go.”

“Lexi, your left!” Andre yelled. Instinctively, I attacked to my left, slicing through one of the monster’s thick, scaly skin. I shuddered. That did not feel good to cut through. The hideous beast roared in agony, swinging one of its seven arms to attack me, missing my leg by a metre. “Hey! Are you okay?!”

I nodded, looking back at Andre. “I’m fine!”

He nodded, and focused back on the three beasts. They were huge, angry and stubborn. They just won’t die until we do. Andre and I were also angry and stubborn, and won’t give up until our mission is fulfilled. We made a promise to the Queen herself, and she was in her chambers, kept prisoner under the watchful eye of the evil Dark Lord himself.

I needed to win. I needed to bring peace back into this land, and I needed to drive away the evil that is slowly deriving this kingdom of its sanity. Rage welled up inside me, and it needed to be worked off. These beasts killed Erica, and my parents, and all my childhood friends, excluding Andre.

I ran up to one of the beasts and leapt up high into the air, setting my twin blades into a cross. Then, I pulled my arms outwards, letting the tips of the steel swords carve a cross in the monster’s chest. Its blood splurted from the wound, and it fell back, roaring loudly, to its death. One down, two to go. This was going to be a long battle.

“Well then,” Andre sighed, landing on the ground, the final monster collapsing behind him, grunting as its blood seeped from its horrendous wounds. “That’s the end of that. It was a stubborn one, that last one.”

I shook my head. “No. It’s not the end. The Dark Lord is still alive…”

Andre looked at me, worry in his eyes. I could read him like a book. He was always so open to me, even if he never uttered a single word from his mouth. I could sense his emotions, read his thoughts, and speak to him almost telepathically. He was an open book. Right now, he was stressed, tired and extremely worried. We were both weak. How would we fight the Dark Lord if we weren’t at our full power? What if he had already killed the Queen while we weren’t present? No, we had to be positive, even though we were surrounded by flames that were licking at our legs, scorching them with their heat.

Andre and I exchanged glances, before looking straight ahead and running together at the same speed. Ahead was a grand white door, with the once beautifully decorated rose arch burning with flickering flames. It didn’t look inviting at all. In fact, it looked like the door to Hell. But alas, we must go through. Our final battle awaits.

Andre pushed the door open, and the sweltering heat almost pushed me back. The whole chamber was ignited with flames. The only place that didn’t have any fire smothering it was the long red carpet that led to the throne, and the throne itself. Andre and I cautiously stalked forward, ignoring the blistering temperatures. On the throne sat a lone, dark figure. Below that figure, on the long staircase, was a corpse. A dead corpse. Was it the Queen on the throne, and the Lord dead on the stairs? Or was it the Lord on the throne, and the Queen dead on the stairs? The answer was obvious.

The Queen was dead.

I stared at her body in disbelief and horror. She had always been strong, with powers greater than any other known to man. There she lay, her eyes wide open in terror, her mouth agape, her long hair tangled, her pale skin burned to red and black… The once beautiful queen was now twisted on the carpet, drowned in her own blood.

“You…” I muttered, glaring up at the figure on the Queen’s golden throne. The Lord’s dark chuckling made the flames inside me roar even more than the flames that set this kingdom on fire. I clenched my fists tightly. How dare he murder the Queen.

The Dark Lord stood up and walked down from the throne, down the steps, over the Queen, and in front of Andre and I. We had both put up our weapons, ready for any surprise attack. His eyes were sharp, and his grin was wicked. The aura that emitted from him was like a power from another world. I felt as if I would never stand a chance, but people believed in me. I needed to protect them.

“I can sense the rage within you, young duelist…” The Dark Lord chuckled. “And you, young knight, I can sense the disgust you have towards me. How cute.”

My eye twitched. He was more annoying than I originally thought…

He smiled. “Watch this.” He stepped aside, so that we could see the Queen’s body clearly again. “Rise, rise and feed upon the souls you have once relied on during your life. Feed upon their flesh, feast upon their blood. Rise, and kill the souls you had once loved.”

First, there was silence. A moment later, the flames in the room screeched loudly, darkening into a purple colour. The fire gathered around the Queen’s body, dancing around her, before mercilessly burning her, then disappearing into her. Wait. No… It was the Queen that had drained the fire within her. Seconds later, a finger twitched, a leg jerked. Her pale lips closed, as did her eyes. When her eyes opened, they were no longer her once emerald green eyes. They were red. A wicked blood red.

I was shocked. She was alive, but she wasn’t at the same time. Not only that, but she was going to kill us. She was practically a zombie in a beautiful blood stained dress and a golden crown, hungry for our souls.

I didn’t want to attack her. She tried to grab for me, but I dodged. I needed to kill her again. I couldn’t just dodge forever. I raised my right arm, ready to slice her in half, but then her usual, normal appearance flashed before my eyes. I hesitated. Big mistake.

The Queen’s hand plunged into my stomach, and a sadistic grin spread across her face. I was utterly speechless. Andre called my name, horror in his voice, but I was almost completely drained from the rest of the world. The pain… It was agony. I could feel myself hacking up blood. I can’t believe I had been struck so easily. My eyes felt heavy, and I fell on my knees, dropping my weapons. I suddenly felt tired, so, so tired. I needed to sleep.

“Lexi!” Andre yelled.

I last heard the Dark Lord’s hysteric laughter, before his final words echoed in my head before blacking out.

“Die, young duelist. Fall into the depths of death.”

“Gyah!” I yelled, shooting up from my bed. Beads of sweat fell from my forehead, and my palms were sweaty. I was breathing ever so heavily, and I was trembling. Andre jumped, and looked at me.

“Nightmare again?” he laughed. “Relax.”

I sighed. The door creaked open and the Queen walked inside, smiling warmly. “Oh gosh, Lexi. Your scream almost made me drop your weapons.” She handed me a pair of twin blades. I had to stare at her for a long time to process everything. It was all a bad, bad dream. The Queen was still alive and well. Andre was strong. I was alive. No hole in my stomach. No blazing fires. No Dark Lord. Thank god.

I shook my head. “S-Sorry…” I smiled at the Queen and at Andre, before staring down at my newly formed weapons. Good, Erica was alive as well. I admired the way the steel glistened in the early morning sunlight, and the way that the handles were perfect for my hands. I looked back up at the Queen. “I’m glad you’re ruling this land, and that you’re my caregiver. Thank you so much, your majesty.”

She nodded, beaming. “The pleasure’s all mine.”

I smiled, and continued admiring my gift from Erica. If I had looked for even just a moment longer, I would have noticed the way the Queen’s eye twitched, and the way her emerald eyes glinted a deadly crimson, bloodthirsty and lifeless.

9 thoughts on “Nightmare’s Awakening

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  2. this story was scary , and violent , if this was going on in my mind i would go crazy , do things ive never done before , i didnt like the story it frightened me

    • Alright, thankyou for that. I apologize if this really scared you, I should put a more clear warning before the main story. I hope you’re not too traumatized… I’m glad I didn’t make this any more violent than it is.

    • Thankyou! And well of course, this is obviously meant for a lovely, calming bed time story, I don’t know what you’re going on about…

      … Well, a lovely story for the lovers of horror.

      Anyway, thankyou for the comment, I appreciate it.

    • Haha thankyou so much! I feel pretty proud to know you like it :’)

      If you practice enough, you’ll write stories like a pro. All you really need is creativity, imagination and a bit of magic~

  3. I really enjoyed this, too. Your writing is sophisticated in terms of structure, content and language – beyond your years. I can see that all of your writing practice, and your passion for creative writing, is really paying off. The only thing I would say is that the ending is a little bit of a cliche – a scary twist, but still a cliche. That said, I think this is absolutely brilliant writing. Well done!

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