McDonalds Print Ad – Deconstructing a Print Ad

This print ad is selling McDonald’s fries. The target audience for this ad is mainly people who enjoy eating McDonald’s food products but could also be specifically directed to families, possibly more at young children. This print ad could be found most likely on a billboard or possibly in a McDonald’s restaurant. The company has used the colours of the logo and if you put the colours together they are recognised as McDonald’s. The second picture of the fries uses that are filled up right to the top which aren’t common in McDonald’s stores. The last picture uses one fry in the cardboard container to show that its delicious yet not everyone can finish everything because they get full.

The use of what happens over time is quite effective in this ad. It starts off as a regular potato. This can show that McDonald’s uses fresh products from farms. It then shows you what it turns out like after the potato. The product is made well and looks good as it is filled up to the to. This is definitely an effective strategy as it can most likely draw in more customers. The effect of there being one fry left in the container is to show that it fills you up that you cant eat all of it yet you try to eat as much as you can because it so delicious.

The colours in this ad are the same colours as the McDonald’s. One of the more obvious techniques in this ad yet very effective. If this was seen on a billboard the people to see it will recognise the colours as red and yellow which will draw their attention towards the ad and will know its a McDonald’s ad. Considering most likely to be on a billboard, its an ad you can read quickly so as your driving you can quickly see what it is and then possibly want to go to McDonald’s.

This is quite a simple ad yet very effective. It’s purpose is to draw in more customers. If a family were to drive past this billboard, the kids would want to go to McDonald’s, maybe because they think its close by. If they were in the car before seeing anything related to McDonald’s, most likely they wouldn’t have thought about McDonald’s. Seeing this ad, can make them want McDonald’s. Also the use of a fresh potato can reassure parents that there food hasn’t got bad things in it.

mcdonalds print ad english


2 thoughts on “McDonalds Print Ad – Deconstructing a Print Ad

  1. I’ve read this story and I like the important details and facts you’ve put in this! it’s really great and interesting to read.

  2. This is a thoughtful and detailed analysis – well done. In terms of the target audience, you identify kids at the start, but I would argue what you mentioned at the end – that it really is targeting parents with the idea that McDonald’s fries are merely healthy potatoes – meaning they can give them to their kids without guilt. The one fry left at the end is not so much to show that you get full, but more so just to show how good the fries are – they are eaten quickly. Your discussion of colour, and other symbolic meaning was great. Please give this a proofread and edit the your/you’re error, the there/their error and the it’s/its error. Thanks for posting. This is a great contribution to our advertising discussion.

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