Superheroes: Martian Manhunter

1433649-martian_manhunterWhen I saw this task, I was wondering which superhero to blog about. I didn’t want to pick the same old favourites like Batman, Iron man or Superman. I decide to pick someone a little more unknown and this is how I stumbled across Martian Manhunter.
I did a little research about this guy and found his history interesting. His real name is J’on J’onzz and is a Martian from a planet called Ma’alec’andra. His species was wiped out by Jon’s own brother who despised the Martian culture. he used a virus that had an effect on the Martians power of telepathy and killed everyone. This almost drove Jon to insanity.
He was brought to Earth by Dr. Saul Elder when he was using a special transmitter to communicate with extraterrestrials. J’on J’onzz then blended in with humanity and chose the name John Jones as his secret identity.
Martian Manhunter’s powers include:
. Telepathy
. Various vision types(laser, x-ray, heat, electromagnetic spectrum)
. Flight and super speed
. Shape shifting
. Super strength
. Invisibility
. Mind control and telekinesis
. Regeneration
With so many powers, why wouldn’t he be the best superhero ever.

While researching, I found some interesting facts about him. For example; he is afraid of fire, he was part of the Black Lantern Corp, he can fly at Mach 10 speed and he is even stronger than Superman. Fancy that.
To me, I think that Martian Manhunter is one of the best superheroes ever.

One thought on “Superheroes: Martian Manhunter

  1. I enjoyed your blog post and loved the fact that you chose a superhero that wasn’t well known. I enjoyed reading about the superhero’s past but would of like it more if the post had more reasons on why you chose this superhero. But overall, this post was intriguing.

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