“In brightest day, in blackest night…”

In brightest day, in blackest night. No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evils might, beware of my power. The Green Lantern’s light!

Considering I don’t have a favourite super hero, I’m doing Green Lantern, because I think he’s pretty epic. What I love about Green Lantern is that he is just some ordinary Joe off the street, then some alien dude dies in front of him, and he’s suddenly a super hero! Green Lantern is called in general ‘Green Lantern’, but his actual name is Hal Jordan, kind of like how Superman’s real name is Clark Kent. Also, there is more than one ‘Green lantern’, and I mean there are at least 7200 ‘Green Lanterns’ from all over the universe, and counting. I guess we call Jordan ‘Green Lantern’ because there are no other ‘Green Lanterns’ on Earth, just like  (I think) there is only 1 Iron Man and 1 Wonder Woman on Earth. For all we know, there could be so many more in other universes that we don’t know about! Which is a scary thought… *shivers*

So what makes Jordan a ‘Superhero’?. It’s not so much he himself but the green lantern/ ring that he gets from the dead guy that oozes purple blood. Who also happens to be a ‘Green Lantern’. So the general idea of his power is that he has this magical ring, which he can use to wield things to protect himself/others, save man-kind…. you know, the usual clichéd stuff. But what makes this a little different is the background story. Unlike Superman, Batman and the majority of other superheroes, his powers need to be ‘recharged’, which is where his ‘lantern’ comes into the picture. The lantern acts like a battery source for the ring, and is powered by ‘the Guardians of the Universe’ (what a cheesy name!), which elects a new ‘Green Lantern’ after one dies. As far as I know, Hal Jordan was the very first human ‘Green Lantern’, whose job was almost to act like ‘police officers’ of the universe. The ‘Green Lanterns’ official name is the ‘Green Lantern Corps’.

So essentially, Green Lanterns can make things appear out of thin air, which is pretty cool considering no other superhero as far as I know can do that. They use their awesome ring to create bridges, ropes, gigantic shoes, you name it! Which is exactly why Hal Jordan is the best superhero ever, because he doesn’t have loads of money or superpowers that he was born with. His are completely temporary and can be taken away at a moment’s notice if he turns evil, and yet they never are, therefore meaning that he has never swayed allegiance and will always protect from the evil that lurks in our world.



P.S.Don’t mind my colloquial language, It’s too weird writing this formally!

6 thoughts on ““In brightest day, in blackest night…”

  1. This is great! I enjoyed your conversational tone and language. It does seem right for the topic, doesn’t it? I like the fact that, despite not having a favourite superhero, you thought logically about who you would choose, and were original in your choice and your arguments. You also taught me about Hal “Green Lantern” Jordan – a superhero with whom I am not very familiar. This is thoughtful and well written. Well done!

  2. Hey Constance279,
    First of all, Your post was awesome! 🙂
    ‘Just some ordinary Joe off the street’ who casually turns into a Superhero. haha LOVE IT! I really like your use of colloquial language, kinda humorous. 🙂 The quote at the beginning was quite effective also. His weapons and superpowers sound pretty epic! Imagine being able to make things appear out of thin air?! Excellent post! I really enjoyed reading it!
    Jovi 🙂

  3. Great job on this post Constance279! I really enjoyed reading this as you clearly outlined why the green lantern is your favourite superhero and some facts about him. Like Jovi, I also enjoyed the conversational tone and I felt like you were telling me all this in person which was great! I’m happy that you chose to do the green lantern as he is not one of the typical superhero’s like ironman and Spiderman. Once again, this was an excellent and well detailed post 🙂

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