The Golden Avenger


They say that the best weapon is the one you never have to fire. I respectfully disagree. I prefer the weapon you only have to fire once.

In my opinion, Iron Man is the ultimate hero, no matter what the situation or the odds are. I love him because, excluding the fact that is probably the most intelligent man in the Marvel Multiverse and is rich as, he is just an ordinary, insecure man who built his life on others’ pain, misery and despair. All it took for him to realise that he had to do something more with his life rather than designing and building weapons of mass destruction was being kidnapped by a terrorist group known as the Ten Rings, come extremely close to death only to be painstakingly dragged back, watch his newfound friend die in his arms (ironic that he is wearing an impenetrable iron suit with deadly weapons) and then be discovered by American helicopters in the desert.

I believe that he is the ultimate hero as, when he was captured and forced to build a weapon of mass destruction, he managed to escape using only a box of scrap parts and some computer software. Not only did it allow him to escape, it also managed to incorporate a flame – thrower, machine guns, a rocket launcher and a massive increase in strength. Oh, I forgot to say, it also granted him the ability to fly for short distances.

So what makes Iron Man ‘Iron Man’. I believe that what makes Iron Man ‘Iron Man’ is the fact that, to begin with, he just wanted to live to see another day, but, after seeing his newfound friend die in his arms, he decides to use his newly designed armoured weaponry to take a stand against criminal activity and war. I find this both stereotypical and inspiring that, although he has built his life on others’ pain and despair, he is willing to give it all up due to the fact that his psyche has been permanently scarred by the traumatic experience of watching his friend die.

The one downside to being Iron Man would be trying to balance your life with your superhero responsibilities as well as the constant pressure of knowing that if you fail, the world could be destroyed at the hands of merciless villains such as Loki, Iron Monger, the Mandarin, Whiplash and many others. As he has never turned evil and used his powers for destruction, as well as the fact that they can be taken away at a moments notice by the army and SHIELD through brute force, I find it awesome that, with constant temptation to turn evil with all these powers at your hands, he never has. Honestly, that is probably the main reason I love Iron Man apart from his awesome powers.

2 thoughts on “The Golden Avenger

  1. Well, you have just taught me a bunch of stuff about Iron Man. Thanks! Yes, I suppose many superheroes have the choice about whether to use their powers for good or evil, and they often undergo a traumatic experience or loss leading to them becoming superheroes. This is a thoughtful, well-considered response. You establish a personal, conversational tone, and use effective arguments to back up your opinion. Well done!

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