“Here, Kitty Kitty!”

Any woman who can catch the attention of Bruce Wayne is one to look out for, but deciding whether she’s good or evil is a completely different thing. Catwoman, otherwise known as Selina Kyle, is a sneaky woman, pretending to be a prostitute whilst cat burgling her way up the ranks of evil. We know she’s sneaky, we know she’s keen, but one question still remains: Is she good or evil?

Catwoman is easily one of Batman’s most nefarious villains, but were her crimes simply as devilish as The Joker’s? With each and every evil act she seemed to be playing cat and mouse, or should I say, cat and bat. Ever so slowly drawing in Batman’s attention, entangling him in her strategic and spine prickling games. With Catwoman growing older as the decades pasted, her character began to take upon a new role. She sat on the line that divided good and evil, toying with all those who searched for an answer.

Which team was Catwoman batting for? With becoming the vice president of a major corporation, the sparkle in her glossy eyes twinkled as she made sure her blackmailing skills were still perfectly in tune. With all the good she did, there was always something to balance the scale out. But before long, Catwoman became the protector of Gotham’s East End, using her sharp eyes to protect the innocent and of course help Batman.

So with her side picked and partner to work with, Catwoman, not only being the strong, smart and extremely independent woman she is, can now be considered a hero. And with experience from both sides of the court, Catwoman isn’t only a hero, but will forever too be a villain. As we mere admirers of hero’s, the word “villain” to us strikes fear, anger, and resentment, but Catwoman proved that not all villains are bad. She was able to show us that there was more to what the eye could see, not only proving this with her heroic actions, but in demonstrating that she could be good. She proved that it was a choice, in that we all have choices, and that we choose to take the easier option, whether that driver be fear, sadness, or heart-break. Catwoman is easily my favourite superhero as she simply pounced her way over from bad to good.

4 thoughts on ““Here, Kitty Kitty!”

  1. I really like all the kitty references you’ve made in your post, especially “… pounced her way over from bad to good.” I agree with what you said about Catwoman showing us that we all have a choice about whether we are going to be good or bad, even if we’ve been through some tough experiences. Even though Catwoman will always be remembered as the villain she was, you have great arguments that prove that she is truly a premier superhero! Purr, purr.

  2. I agree with Cordelia that your cat imagery is really effective. I also enjoyed your discussion of the sometimes fine line between hero and villain, and Catwoman’s character development over time. I am aware, however, that you have taken some inspiration from an article about Catwoman on another website, and while it’s fine to take inspiration from other sources, what I really want to see here is your own work and your own words – your own work is outstanding! A couple of language-related points – should be “passed” not “pasted” and remember “heroes” is plural – “hero’s” is the possessive form: belonging to the hero. Overall, this is an entertaining post with a wonderful conversational tone. Well done!

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