Teen Titans GO!

Typical superheroes or superheroes in general aren’t really my thing so I decided to do Teen Titans GO! Ok now I know you’re thinking who are you talking about ? Teen Titans GO are my guilty pleasure and are pretty cool.

Teen Titans GO is a cartoon about this group of superhero teenagers who fight crime and hangout in this penthouse shaped like a T. Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy are the four members of Teen Titans and all have different powers. There powers are all things we wish we could have for example Beast Boy can shape shift in to anything, Starfire has superhuman strength, flight, immense speed, she can shoot green star bolts from her hands, shoot lightning-like green energy that creates an explosion and can shoot powerful laser-beams from her eyes. Cyborg is as in the name a cyborg so he is half human half robot and Raven posses the powers, Soul-self (the dark coloured energy she uses is called soul-self), Telekinesis, Teleportation, Casting spells, Power Granting and Duplication. Robin doesn’t really have any superpowers but has pretty good leadership skills.

Another reason Teen Titans GO are the premier superheros is that act just like us. If they all became one person they would be the typical teenager. Beast Boy and Cyborg are both slobs, Starfire is calm and peaceful, Raven is sarcastic and rude and Robin is a strong leader and courageous. These are characteristics that I believe a typical teenager at least I know I do.

I think Teen Titans are the premier superheros because they have awesome powers, are just like typical teenagers and are totally relatable.
Teen Titans GO!

2 thoughts on “Teen Titans GO!

  1. A well-structured response from which I learned about a bunch of new superheroes – thanks! Visually, spaces between your paragraphs would make reading a little easier – white space is always good. Spelling-wise – “superheroes” has an “e” before the “s”, and you’ve mixed up your/you’re and there/they’re. You establish a conversational tone with colloquial language, which is great, and set out some clear arguments. Well done!

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