Ally to good, nightmare to you!

We all know that Marvel and DC are the main types of brands but my favourite hero is from neither Marvel or DC, his name is Goku (ACTUAL name is Kakkarot but Goku was his adoptive name). Like Superman, Goku is an alien. He was sent from his plant Vegeta as a baby (which was soon destroyed after he was sent to Earth) to destroy the planet Earth. FORTUNATELY, when he was sent to Earth he bumped his head on a rock and forgot about his mission. His ‘grandpa’ Son Gohan (not his son) adopted him and trained him into this martial art monster that can shoot laser beams out of his hands, WHAAATTTT??? Yes that might sound crazy but that’s just Goku being awesome 😀 Goku has 5 types of transformations into the legendary super saiyan (A saiyan is an alien race, Goku is one of the two surviving saiyans). There is the normal super saiyan, super saiyan 2, super saiyan 3, super saiyan 4 and super saiyan god.

The reason I like Goku is because he always fights fair, though unfortunately is not the strongest hero there is :(. Goku is to me the strongest as every time he is defeated he comes back and defeats all his enemies. To me his biggest rival is Vegeta (the other surviving saiyan) although Vegeta has never once beaten Goku he is easily the strongest villan but ally at the same time (the reason I say he is the strongest is because the others are kkkkkiiiinnndddd of well what’s the word, DEAD).

Even though it is proven that Goku is not the strongest superhero (why is superman over powered 😦 ) I think Goku is the best and the fairest superhero there ever will be.

5 thoughts on “Ally to good, nightmare to you!

  1. I enjoyed the originality of your post – choosing a less common superhero, who you clearly know a lot about. Your persuasive, personal voice is effective, as is your use of capitalisation for emphasis. Be careful with punctuation. For example, on the first line, you need a full stop before “his name” instead of a comma. I think you also mean the “planet Vegeta”, not the “plant Vegeta”. Use words for numbers twenty or less, rather than figures (one, two, three, etc), and try not to use emoticons in a blog post. I think another careful proofread would have eliminated some of your errors (there are little words missing here and there). Overall, this was an entertaining post – I could “hear” your voice coming through as I read, which is excellent. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks for all the info on Goku Drac! He sounds like an awesome dude. Although…………………….. NARUTO IS BETTER! Bye 🙂

  3. Very good info on the series (I have watched them all) and would have to agree that he is the best super hero. There is one part that is wrong in your post that may make you happy because Goku would beat superman in a fight because in the comic book super has no invincibility against magic and Goku’s power poll is magic so it would be able to hurt superman.

  4. This is a great post i love that your being very informative and tell people about Kaka carrot cake i agree he is an awesome hero and is always very fair.
    MLG quick-scope son rates this 10/10

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