I’m all fired up!

“We won’t lose to the likes of you guys. And you won’t surpass us. If you’re a guild, take care of your nakama. That’s all I have to say.”

We all know those common DC and Marvel heroes… We’re neglecting the others. Not that I don’t like them, it’s just I like these ones more.

I have to admit, the strongest hero I know of is Natsu Dragneel, the adopted son of a dragon. He’s a wizard, and because of his ‘father’, he learned the ancient Fire Dragon Slayer magic. In the year 777, his dragon disappeared, so he joined the wizard guild Fairy Tail.

Then, and even now, Natsu is one of the strongest wizards ever known in the land of Fiore. He’s strong physically and his desire to protect all his comrades. He shows no mercy to those who harm his guild, in other words, his second family.

Natsu is generally careless of his surroundings. On the job requests that he takes, it would be successfully completed, yet he would destroy at least three quarters of the place before returning to the guild. He is one of the members of Fairy Tail’s Strongest Team, which consist of Lucy (Celestial Spirit wizard), Erza (strongest female wizard in FT), Gray (ice-make wizard), Happy (Exceed, in other words, a cute blue cat with wings and carries fish on his back in a green bag), and himself, originally.

He’s also very kind and fair. On his first job request with Lucy, he was going to be rewarded with money, but he rejected it because he never really completed the job, although the client was still glad at the end. He’s protective, and he had saved Lucy and his other comrades from harm countless times.

But they’re his traits. The question is, how exactly his he the strongest hero in my eyes? Well first off, he never loses to an enemy twice. He had beaten numerous enemies of Fairy Tail, including Dark Guilds that seemed impossible to defeat.

Fairy Tail was, and still is, the strongest guild in Fiore. Without Natsu, the guild wouldn’t be up there. In other words, he reigns supreme. He’s the one that keeps the guild strong.

He may seem stupid, dense and what not, but he can be quite clever when you’d least expect it. He strategically defeats a tough opponent when all hope seems lost, and brings his fallen teammates back up to their feet.

Also, since he’s a Fire Dragon Slayer, he can consume the element of fire. Any fire will do; he will just eat it like it’s nothing. He can’t be burned at all. All except for one type of fire; ones of a God Slayer. Even so, he managed to consume those flames as well, and that only made him even stronger, letting him defeat his enemy… But he became sick later on because of it.

So to me, Natsu is the strongest hero. He’s not your typical superhero, but he’s a hero nonetheless. But then again, all Fairy Tail members are heroes, he just comes up at the top.

“If it’s to protect our family, be it the kingdom or the entire world… We would make anyone our enemy! That’s what it means to be in FAIRY TAIL!”

11 thoughts on “I’m all fired up!

  1. This is an original and well-written post. It’s structured well, and you outline your arguments persuasively, with a clear personal voice and engaging tone. Is Fairy Tale the comic/show? Or is it called something else? I would have liked you to explain just what sort of text Natsu comes from. This is a solid post. Well done.

  2. Hahaha totally saw that one coming natsu dragneel. This was a very well explained blog perfectly outlining all of the main features of the hero and with added information on other characters as well. Well done and continue to do amazing work.

    I really liked your blog post! I think it was one of the best on here! Probably because you’re an amazing writer ;).
    I agree that Natsu is one of the best heroes, but obviously Black☆Star is better >.<
    So yeah, this was really well written… I don't know what else to say 😀


      Thankyou so much, that meant a lot to me! And pssht, of course I’m an amazing writer! 😉 Naah, kidding.

      Natsu obviously beats Black☆Star. I mean, HE BEAT A GOD SLAYER, so technically, HE SURPASSED GOD! :’)

      • Oh c’mon! No one can ever beat THE Black☆Star, one who surpasses god! You’re obviously in denial if you think Natsu is better!
        But seriously, Black☆Star is the best 😉 😛

      • But Natsu surpassed god, which makes him amazing. Sure, Black☆Star has his own traits that make him one of the best Soul Eater characters, but he can never beat a mage of Fairy Tail, so you’re in denial! ^.^


        But still, either way, Natsu could easily beat Black☆Star ANY DAY.


        PS: Black☆Star will always be better in my eyes >.<

    • Yep, because Natsu is epic! XD

      I was about to watch DBZ, but then I remembered all the anime I still had to watch. DBZ is one of them, and so is One Piece and all that. I have heaps T.T

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