“I’m Vengeance…I’m the Night…I am Batman!”

onstar18Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, an, na, na Batman!

Batman. The Dark Knight. Bruce Wayne. All these names are synonymous with this superhero’s legacy of fighting evil, no matter what the cost. With his tactful nature and superhero suave, Batman easily distinguishes himself as a prime role model and defender of both Gotham city and the world.

The creation of Batman began when a young Bruce Wayne witnessed his parents being shot by a thief in Gotham city. This event and the level care offered by police officers made him think about the danger in his city and what he could do about it. It was from here that his sense of justice sprung and ideas of becoming a justice-fighting hero were generated.

I believe Batman is not only a premier superhero, but a premier role-model. Throughout the Batman movies (and I suppose the comics as well) his morals, beliefs and messages are very strongly presented. One message that I think is extremely beneficial to viewers is how his creation of his alter-ego took shape from his major fear of bats. Even though he wanted to become what he most fears in order for his enemies to feel the fear that he does, there is still a positive message to be gathered. Readers could consider the message being that if you confront your fear, you have the ability to conquer it. As mundane humans, we all have fears, therefore this message is universal.

Another feature that I particularly admire about Batman is his strong moral compass. He is famed for his endless amount of money, his popularity amongst women and his many technologically-advanced gadgets. However, he doesn’t let the material side of his life sway him to an ignorant, obnoxious lifestyle. Instead he uses his many resources, such as money and gadgets, and his connections with inventors, in order to create a ray of light in his city of dark. Furthermore, Batman not only seeks to banish evil from Gotham city, but he also strives to create a sense of community, peace and justice amongst the civilians. This quote from Batman: Year Three-Changes Made, Vol 1 # 437, in my opinion, perfectly displays the values and beliefs of Batman: “We’re seeking justice, Alfred. How can that ever be a mistake?”

However, what I believe to be the most admirable, superior trait of Batman is his ability to always look into the eyes of evil and never fly in the opposite direction. Bruce Wayne lives in a dark, filthy city that is flooded with thieves, murderers and pure evil, but, even though he could live anywhere, he chooses to constantly wake up to the stench of crime and to always fight another day. His unwavering loyalty to Gotham city and his passion to always strive for justice is what distinguishes him from many other superheros, making him the premier superhero in my eyes  and to the people of Gotham city.




5 thoughts on ““I’m Vengeance…I’m the Night…I am Batman!”

  1. Great job .. Cordelia . * insert derp face here * . It was cool to read and loved how you inserted the theme song in the beginning ( thanks to me * laughs evily * ) .
    Loved how you chose Batman !! 🙂 🙂

  2. Like huntermarvel, I also enjoyed the theme song at the start. It certainly set the scene. The various identities of Batman that followed in short sentences were also effective in engaging the reader. This is a well-structured response, with an intelligent and engaging tone and excellent use of language. There are a few typos that would be fixed with a quick proofread – the second sentence in the second paragraph, for example, is grammatically not correct, and the third sentence needs to begin, “It was from here”. Your arguments are original and sophisticated, and this is a very strong response. Well done!

  3. Fantastic work! Loved the theme song in the beginning and how you talked about Batman being viewed as a role model. I’ve got to run, the Batmobile is waiting,

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