“It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me”-Batman


For over 70 years, Batman has been an icon and inspiration to children and adults all over the world. He is recognised by many names including the The Dark Knight, The Caped Crusader and Batman, but who is the man behind the mask and why is he doing good for his city?

Bruce Wayne was just a regular child that came from a wealthy family and lived in the city of Gotham. His father, Thomas Wayne owned a company called Wayne Enterprises. Bruce witnessed his parent’s murders when he was just eight years old, a horror that no child should have to endure. Instead of letting this injustice rule the rest of his life, Bruce chose to benefit from it. He uses his parent’s death as fuel to not only avenge them, but also to help protect Gotham City. Instead of falling, he picks himself up and does what is right. This is a quality that makes Batman a superior superhero.

Bruce Wayne has been terrified of bats ever since he had a bad experience with them when he was young. When it became time to choose an inspiration for his disguise, Bruce chose the bat as a way of facing his own fears and turning his fear into his strength. He then became known as The Batman.

Batman doesn’t have any super human powers, yet he is still considered a superhero for his heroic qualities and skills. Even though Batman has a billion dollar corporation backing him with the latest technology, Wayne still chooses to live in Gotham City and fight crime. Batman uses intelligence, ingenuity, money, inventiveness, detective skills, martial arts, and fear to assist him in fighting the corrupt and violent offenders on the streets of Gotham. Some of the gadgets that help Batman fight crime include his utility belt, Batarangs, the Bat-mobile, the Bat-pod and many more.

The Bat-signal was a searchlight on the roof of the Gotham City Police Department and was used to summon Batman for help when necessary. Since the Bat-signal was visible in the sky to anyone, it became apart of history in Gotham City. It was copied and used by several citizens when they needed the help from Batman. The reputation of the Bat-signal was clearly well known outside of Gotham City, as Luminus (a superman comic book character) once used a mock “S-signal” to point Superman out.

So with the help of Batman, the people of Gotham are able to live happily knowing that Batman will always be there to protect and defend their city from criminals. As for Batman, he continues to work a full time shift day and night. By day he is Bruce Wayne, the philanthropist and businessman. By night he’s the caped crusader, the dark knight, he is Batman.



4 thoughts on ““It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me”-Batman

  1. Wow tennisfan101, this is a really awesome piece of writing. You have heaps of facts about him, and gave solid reasons to why you like him. I really like how, in the end paragraph, you put “By day he is Bruce Wayne, the philanthropist and businessman. By night he’s the caped crusader, the dark knight, he is Batman”. I thought this was a really catchy and quirky way to end it. Great Job!

  2. Your introduction was immediately engaging – the way you list Batman’s alter-egos and then ask a question was very effective in drawing the reader into your post, and you continue with this entertaining tone throughout. When you refer to a person, use “who” rather than “that” – ie “who came” in paragraph two rather than “that came”. Because both of his parents were killed, you use the apostrophe at the end of the word to indicate that – parents’ murders and parents’ deaths. “Apart” means separate to, so when you write that someone belongs to something, use “a part”, and finally, avoid beginning your last paragraph with “so” – it should be used as a conjunction and your sentence is just as meaningful and more correct without it. Overall, I really enjoyed the personal and engaging tone in this post, your interesting content and sophisticated writing style. Well done!

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