“The pain lets you know you’re still alive” – Wolverine


What happens when you cross rapid healing and razor sharp claws together? You get Wolverine!
I believe that Wolverine is the best superhero. Recently I started watching the X-men series and I think that the story he has behind him is pretty interesting. He also has amazing senses and powers and will fight for the greater good.

His childhood went something like this. It all started when he was young. His name was James Howlett. His mother was Elizabeth and his father was John although it was believed that his real father was Thomas Logan. One night when James (Wolverine) was an adolescent, John Howlett was killed in front of him by his supposed dad Thomas causing James (Wolverine) to pop his claws for the first time and go into an uncontrolled rage, killing Thomas Logan and injuring Logan’s son, “Dog”. His mum ends up killing herself. What is weird is that he can’t remember this due to a mental block in his mind protecting him from the truth. He changed his name to Logan and ends up accidentally killing the woman he loves in the middle of a battle with Dog, who turns out to be Sabretooth (His enemy) before a new mental block makes him forget that as well. He then leaves home and goes to live in the woods with the wolves.

That is another reason I love Wolverine, I love wolves! That’s what makes him different from the other superheroes. Unlike batman who has all these fancy gadgets and trains himself, Wolverine had years of practice just by being part of an Indian tribe wolf pack. Talk about intense or what? Wolverine is animalistic and feral by nature, which means he is constantly struggling to keep the human side of himself intact so he can continue to be a hero and do good. That speaks a lot of his true character. His mutation is a gift and a curse. Being a mutant means he sticks up for the people that don’t fit in.

Being a mutant gives you the powers that normal mundanes (humans) don’t have. A place where a lot of the mutants go is Xavier’s school for talented youngsters. Here you find people that are part of the x-men team including Storm, Cyclops and Professor Charles Xavier. Everyone’s powers here are different but I believe Wolverines are the best. His powers include superhuman strength, speedy recovery and who can forget the claws! He had the near indestructible metal alloy adamantium bonded to his skeleton. This metal also makes his skeleton much heavier, meaning his muscles have to be strong enough to support it, which means superhuman strength. His healing factor allows him to heal and recover from almost any wound and keep on kicking bad guys butt. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel pain. Actually, he feels the pain from every wound he gets but is constantly sacrificing that part of himself to do what is right. That means he feels pain each and every time he produces his claws from his hands. His claws cut through his skin when they come out and his skin heals when they retract back into his arms. That proves his dedication towards the greater good. Constantly in agony but willing to fight to protect what is right. But this healing power also slows down his aging process .Wolverine was actually born in the late 1880s and fought in World War I and World War II. Meaning that he is old and wise but still young enough to fight. Now that’s something you want to find in a premier superhero.

Wolverine also has very acute animal senses, such as smell. He also has keen eyesight and hearing which proves very helpful in the field. He can even use his senses as a form of lie detector, in which he can hear a person’s heartbeat speed up or smell their sweat if lying. Now wouldn’t that come in handy?

In conclusion, I believe that Wolverine would be the best superhero. He has had a tough life but no matter what he went through he always turned out to be good. Even though it pains him to take out his metal claws, he does it to protect the innocent people of society. If these superpowers don’t impress you, I don’t know what would. These are just a few of the reasons why I think that Wolverine is the premier superhero.

2 thoughts on ““The pain lets you know you’re still alive” – Wolverine

  1. For someone who has just discovered Wolverine, you have a lot to say about him. And I mean this in a good way – your post is excellent. You establish an engaging and personal tone that makes the reader interested in what you have to say. I like your rhetorical question to open, but avoid using “In conclusion” at the end – it is cliched and you’d be better off being a bit more creative with your language. Your post is well structured in terms of your organisation of ideas. There are times when you need to add commas to punctuate your sentences correctly. For example, in paragraph two, a comma is needed here: “his father John, although” before the conjunction “although”. In the very next sentence, a comma is needed after “Thomas” and before “causing”. Proofreading and noting your pauses will assist you with fixing this. One thing missing is the aesthetically-pleasing nature of Wolverine’s physique, but I think your picture demonstrates this anyway. Well done on a thoughtful and detailed post. 🙂

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