With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility


For over 50 years, Spiderman has been a role model for children and teenagers all over the world. His life as a superhero began when he was 15 and was bitten by a radioactive spider. Immediately after the bite, he was fixed with his original powers which included superhuman strength, reflexes and balance; the ability to cling to most surfaces and a subconscious sense of danger which he calls “spider sense”.

Spiderman is a favourite superhero to many fans because he has super human abilities that are unique and thrilling. His abilities though, do not take away from his capacity to be relatable to his audience. He has trivial teenage problems which connects him to his teenage viewers. No matter what villains Spiderman defeats, he remains a nerdy teenage boy.

I favor Spiderman over all the other superheroes because of his amazing and new powers, but mostly because of his alter ego. His alter ego is a nerdy teenage boy who like anyone else, falls for the prettiest girl in school. Even though I am not a boy, I appreciate how  the character ‘Peter Parker’ is relatable to many, even to me.

In conclusion, I think Spiderman is a unique superhero that possesses the powers that all kids want and the relatable personality that intrigues the viewers. I would like to end on a favourite quote said in the Spiderman movie which I believe is very inspirational and relevant “With great power, comes great responsibility”.

2 thoughts on “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility

  1. This is a punchy and succinct post with a clear personal opinion about Spiderman. You discuss effectively the reason that teenage audiences can relate to Spiderman, which is great. Sometimes you need to go against what your spellchecker is suggesting – eg we spell it favour in Australia rather than favor. You should generally use a comma before the word “which” – see the first paragraph, where there are a couple of examples, and in the second paragraph. When you’re talking about a person, use “who” rather than “that” – “who possesses” in paragraph four rather than “that possesses”. Finally, avoid using “In conclusion” to begin your conclusion. It’s always better without it. This is a solid post. Top work.

  2. Good post, very interesting topic. I personally like spider man and his unique powers. I would love to read more of your posts.

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