Out of all of the superheroes that you can possibly think of, there is only 1 that is, THE BEST. That superhero can only be, Batman.
Batman might not have any super powers like super strength or the ability to fly, but he does have high intelligence and hi-tech gadgets. Some of Batman’s gadgets are infa-red flashlights, tear gas pellets and more. But you can’t forget the most famous weapon of all time, the Batarang. But that isn’t the end of it. Batman can also summon his vehicles with a touch of a button. You want to go for a spin in the Batmobile, just wait a few seconds and, TA DA, you would almost be run over by the Batmoblie.
That is all of Batman summarised in less than 200 words.

2 thoughts on “I AM BATMAN

  1. You can always be trusted to give me a laugh. You have certainly developed an entertaining tone. Isn’t this your second post on Batman? Well, it’s just as succinct and punchy. Plus, you wrote “THE BEST” in capitals, so it must be true, right? 😉

  2. I liked your blog post it was interesting and i definitely agree that batman man is the best character but with him having no parents (mentally unstable) billions of dollars (corruptible powers) unkempt sanity, which can only slightly be effected by Alfred how long can he last.

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