Spider-Man is the Premier Superhero

spidermanGrowing up, I wasn’t a normal child. I didn’t enjoy watching or reading about superheroes because I thought they were “overrated”, until one day when I was four years old it all changed. My dad let me stay up one night to watch a Spider-Man movie marathon with him. The themes of the movies weren’t very suitable for a four year old girl like me, and I was a little bit frightened by it, but this particular superhero stood out to me.

I didn’t know whether I liked Spider-Man for his red and blue costume, or for his hidden identity as the dorky Peter Parker, but I soon became crazed over Spider-Man and a big part of my childhood was based on that hero. I would often play games with my cousin where we would dress up in red and blue and throw string around the house, pretending to be Spider-Man. Ever since I started school I forgot about Spider-Man as I had distractions like homework, so my obsession came to a halt.

Recently re-watching the original Spider-Man movies, I became obsessed all over again. Being the age that I am, I was able to understand the concept of the movies, and what was going in them and why. I discovered that I could somewhat relate with Peter Parker. His dorkiness, shyness and “nice guy”, bystander qualities reminded me of myself.

Let me tell you a bit about Peter Parker. He is dorky and was picked on in high school. He is deeply in love with the girl next door, Mary-Jane Watson. He has everyday struggles in life too, but you wouldn’t think that the Spider-Man would. Soon after Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider which gave him his superhero abilities, his uncle Ben died and he could’ve prevented his death. It was when he remembered his uncle’s wise words: “with great power comes great responsibility”, that he decided to use his super powers against antagonists in the city.

Peter Parker wouldn’t be considered to be anything like a superhero, but when he puts on his costume he is a completely opposite person. He is strong, agile, able to climb walls, has super hearing and vision, has amazing reflexes and can shoot webs out of his wrists; sharing the qualities of a spider. He uses his abilities for good, as revenge against criminals for murdering his uncle.

Even though being a vigilante, media has influenced the city to believe that Spider-Man is not. Peter doesn’t attempt to do much about this since he is too kind hearted to stand up to his boss, scared of hurting his feelings. It’s these kind of qualities that make Peter more relatable to people, and his being an underdog and overcoming the city’s crimes, makes Spider-Man one of the best superheroes of all time.

2 thoughts on “Spider-Man is the Premier Superhero

  1. This is an outstanding post. You drew me in with your personal anecdotes at the beginning, and I was really interested in what you had to say and why Spiderman engaged you. This is well-structured and you use sophisticated language, whilst developing your personal and entertaining tone. Well done!

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