Who is the premier superhero? It’s not who you think.

Who’s the premier superhero? Everybody has their personal favourites. Mine would have to be superman only because he can fly, has x-ray vision, etc. But, in my opinion the premier superhero couldn’t be anyone more than a cancer survivor. Not just one particular girl or boy or mother or father. Every single cancer survivor on planet Earth is a superhero.

Everyday cancer survivors battle with their disease. Whether it is leukemia or lung cancer, they have their own battle. Some aren’t even able to walk while some are still in the early stages of cancer but they are still fighting. Let’s use imagery; the cancer is like the villain for example in a movie or comic. The cancer survivor isn’t doing much, but he/she is still fighting it just like a superhero would fight the crime.

There isn’t really a difference between the two but the main thing would be a cancer survivor is a real person and actually being a superhero. A superhero from a comic or movie is fiction and none of the things are actually possible. Yes, it’s great to imagine that those powers are real, but give recognition to the people with any disease whether it is cancer or not. Beating it is possible and doesn’t need to be imagined and I think they deserve more respect.

Yes of course I do like some superhero movies and I’m glad that they are there for me to watch and it is enjoyable to imagine that someone could have powers that are shown in the movies or even comics. But if anyone happens to ask me who the best superhero is, the answer will be anyone battling and surviving cancer, or any disease for that matter, out there.

2 thoughts on “Who is the premier superhero? It’s not who you think.

  1. This is a mature and thoughtful response. I like the way you have thought outside the box. You are right – we should admire the courage of real life survivors rather that fictitious superheroes. Thanks for your ideas.

  2. I never thought of superhero’s like that you seem to think out side of the box which is a really good thing. I am looking forward to hearing more from you

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