An Emotional Walk Through Time: The Time Traveller’s Wife

We’ve all at one stage or another have played the ‘If I could have one superpower it would be…’ game. Whilst playing, there is usually one or two people who would with out a doubt choose to travel through time, an excellent selection for most. Travelling through time, being the cool and hip superpower that it is, is also the foundation for the movie ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’, a soulful and heart driven film, excellently directed by Robert Schwentke. Before its release in 2009, the well known film was a best selling novel, written by Audrey Niffenegger as a wallet thickening metaphor for all her past and failed relationships.

The genre of the movie can easily be described as a blend between a romance and science fiction film. The movie is based around the genetic disease of Henry DeTamble, a not-so-simple librarian based in California. His disease is one that sends him travelling through time at random, damaging relations with all those around him. Despite stacked odds against his triumph in a fight for happiness, he marries Clare, the woman who managed to claim his heart. But even with the bond of true love, his sickness takes a toll on their relationship, straining and depriving them of what they both deserve. Their unorthodox ways and heart warming love story is what simply makes the film unforgettable, making most, if not all reach for the tissues.

The character Clare is one in a million. Her strong qualities as well as love and devotion for her husband is what makes her so respected, and in many ways, Clare is a living and breathing picture perfect wife. She’s there when she’s needed, emotionally and physically, she loves an imperfect man unconditionally, and she doesn’t once complain about how unfair her cards dealt in life were. She’s not only there for her husband, but there for herself, she’s independent as well as expressive of her feelings. In the film, she’s played to be imperfect, a relatable quality greatly pulled off by Rachel McAdams. Her husband in this sense is also far from perfect, but strives to be the best man he can be for his wife. Through the film, you can clearly see Henry hates that he can’t give Clare everything she deserves, an aspect to the film that is simply heart breaking. Henry’s character is expertly played by Eric Bana, who of which has a great on screen connection with Rachel McAdams, which really adds to the love of the characters, making the entirety of the film believable on a personal level.

Throughout the film, many scenes are featured on summery hills, a black and white contrast as to what the situation between the characters is like. This aspect to me is almost laughable as a beautiful Summer’s day scene is is featured in the same film where one of the two main characters has a genetic disease with no cure. The irony between the two contrasts in my opinion does hold a message, it being that even when you think there is no light at the end if the tunnel, even when you know you’ve lost your battle, there is and will always remain hope, and I truly believe that is what ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’ express’. It goes into ideas one would not of thought of without the viewing experience, and that is what makes it so memorable.

The lighting though the film can also be thought to be an aspect reflecting the moods and emotions between the two characters. In one scene, a favourite of mine, the pair are reuniting, and throughout the scene it almost feels as if you are there. The lighting almost makes your skin feel warm, recreating a luscious meadow on a Spring day. It enhances our senses, from seeing the light bounce off the grass, to hearing the soft whisper of the wind in the leaves of the trees. These techniques create another level to the viewing experience and almost involves viewers into the film.

The angles and shots in the film also creates depth, and in parts actually makes the viewer feel as if he or was actually there side by side with the characters. The shots and angles through the film added to the questions we find ourselves asking whilst watching. Numerous times I found myself muttering “How on Earth could one person be so strong!?” The little details the film holds is what pulls it away from other movies for me, it just grips and captivates the audience on such a satisfying level.

‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’ is really just one emotional roller-coaster disguised as a movie. I advise tissues and a best friend to watch it with, it surely makes for a memorable night. All in all, the film in my opinion is a classic, and I personally adore it.

Rating: 4.5/5




One thought on “An Emotional Walk Through Time: The Time Traveller’s Wife

  1. This is a mature and thoughtful personal post. You have used my previous feedback, and cut out a lot of your plot summary – now you have just the right amount so as not to spoil the story, but to engage us as readers and make us interested in viewing the film. I enjoyed your analysis of character and film technique. Still needs some proofreading for minor grammatical errors, but overall, an effective review. Well done!

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