The Hobbit Graphic Novel Review

The Hobbit – Graphic Novel


The Hobbit Graphic Novel is an adaptation of the original by J. R. R. Tolkien. The original is by far the best book I have read in my opinion. The Graphic Novel version disappointed me but also made me like it at the same time. This is because I have seen the movie and read these two books (the original and the Graphic Novel).

The story begins when Gandalf (a wizard) tricks Bilbo Baggins (the main character) into making a party for 13 dwarves, Gandalf and himself. During the party Gandalf reveals of his quest for Bilbo to help the dwarves reclaim their home (The Lonely Mountain) and the Arkenstone (a precious jewel of the dwarves kingdom) from the dragon Smaug, who had taken over the mountain and killed Thorin’s (the leader of the dwaves) grandfather, Thror. At first Bilbo declines and then later while Gandalf and the dwarves began their quest he later realizes he wanted to go and runs after them and thus began their quest.

They encounter trolls and the dwarves are captured by trolls. Bilbo and Gandalf save the dwarves and head to Rivendell. While passing the Misty Mountains they are caught by goblins. They are driven deep underground but Gandalf saves them. Bilbo is separated from Gandalf and the dwarves and finds a mysterious ring that makes him invisible once he puts it on (he doesn’t know this till later on). He encounters Gollum which starts a battle of riddles where if Bilbo won, he would be led out of the mountain but if he had lost, he would forfeit his life to Gollum. Bilbo escapes and rejoins Gandalf and the dwarves which improves his reputation with them. The goblins chase them and Bilbo and company have no choice but to seek refuge in the house of Beorn.

Gandalf leaves Bilbo and the dwarves for important business and sends them through Mirkwood forest. Bilbo saves the dwarves from giant spiders and then from the Wood Elves that took them prisoner. Bilbo and the dwarves finally reach the Lonely Mountain but only to enrage Smaug and send him to Lake-town as he thinks Bilbo is from there. One of the archers, Bard saves the town by using a black arrow to shoot down and kill Smaug. The dwarves reclaim their mountain but Bilbo finds the Arkenstone and hides it. The Lake Men and Wood elves besiege the mountain and request compensation, aid, reperations for Lake-towns destruction by Smaug and old settlement claims for the treasure.

Thorin refuses and summons reinforcements from the North. He fortifies the mountain but Bilbo ransoms the Arkenstone to avoid war. Thorin banishes Bilbo from the mountain and war seems to be inevitable. Gandalf comes back to warn every one of the approaching threat of goblins and wargs. The dwarves, elves and men band together to fight the goblins and wargs starting the Battle of Five Armies. They win the battle alongside Beorn and the eagles. Thorin is fatally wounded and eventually dies but makes peace with Bilbo before he does in fact die. Bilbo only accepts a small portion of his share but still goes home a wealthy hobbit.

The storyline to me was very well stuck to with the original which is why I liked this graphic novel. I also liked the way they kept the story short since if you wanted to read the book but you needed to go to a party in 2 hours you could still read this book because you don’t need to read the words, the pictures tell what is going on perfectly. The thing that disappointed me was the art. To me the art could have been done better. It was too cartoonish to me and could have been more realistic. The movie might have influence this taste of art but I imagined it more like the movie than the graphic novel.

The character design to me wasn’t very good but wasn’t very bad either. The character designs for the dwarves and Gandalf was very good but Bilbo was lacking something in my opinion. Gollum looked very, very, VERY freaky in one of the pages that it made me laugh, A LOT. The elves were well done in my opinion and also the eagles looked like real eagles, hallelujah. The goblins looked like goblins which is good. Overall the characters designs were good except for Bilbo and Gollum. The background design was cartoonish in my opinion but looked very nice. It was very well designed but it should have been more realistic in my opinion. Overall the art was good but not great.

Overall the graphic novel was very good but not better than the original, I would rate it a 8/10.

2 thoughts on “The Hobbit Graphic Novel Review

  1. I am so glad that the original “The Hobbit” is one of your favourite books – it’s one of mine, too. You establish a clear personal voice and opinion here, and I particularly enjoyed the last two paragraphs where you provided your opinion about the art and design of the graphic novel. You gave too much away about the plot. Don’t tell the reader the whole plot in a review (that’s called a spoiler) as you’ll spoil the story for them. Give us enough information about the plot to interest us, but don’t reveal key events or moments of suspense, as, after all, that is part of what makes a text worth reading/viewing. A solid job – well done!

  2. Hi itsdrac, I share your opinion on both the hobbit (classic novel) and the graphic novel. The movies themselves were not my cup of tea as the giant spiders made my arachnophobia act up, though I can still read about them which is good. I personally agree with also how the character art was not up to scratch, the thing that was missing from Mr Baggins I thought was that his hair cut was too 1980’s and this stomach appears to be uncomfortably bisected by a very tight belt.

    happy blogging


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