Power corrupts all.!.


The play Julius Caesar was written by William Shakespeare around 1599. In Rome, 44BC Julius caesar would like to claim the throne and end Rome’s democracy and turn it into a monarchy ruled by him himself. This story portrays many of the ways Romans act, such as that they are easily persuaded. In the play the people of rome agree with caesar becoming king but not all agree. Conspirators persuade Brutus that Caesar would not be a good king and that he will ruin Rome. But he question remains who is the worst, most corrupted character in the play?

The answer is simple, it is CASSIUS. Cassius wants to eliminate Caesar because he wants power. When Cassius talks to Brutus, he tries to persuade Brutus that Caesar is no god, he is just one of them and that he should be getting just as much power as Caesar. One way of doing this is that Cassius tells Brutus that ‘once Caesar was drowning and he said “help me Cassius, or I sink”. In the ned Brutus is still happy for Caesar and has no jealousy over it. Cassius then compliments Brutus to receive his trust.

Brutus believes everything Cassius is telling him because he thinks that Cassius only wants the best for him. Cassius makes Brutus confused because Brutus does’t know whats right, because he wants the best for Rome, but he is also being told he is better than Rome. Soon Cassius’ words persuade Brutus, not because he is jealous, but that he believes it is whats best for Rome.

Another sign of Cassius’ corruption is because he said this, “Think of his life, but for my single self, I had as life not be as live to be in awe of such thing as myself”. Cassius (again) believes that he is just as good as Caesar. But to easy manipulate Brutus he does not emphasise this.

The reason why Cassius deceives Brutus is because he wants power. Cassius manipulates Brutus so that he could attempt to get Caesar’s power. Cassius is the most corrupted character in the play because he uses Caesar’s corruptness to give reasons for his own actions.


4 thoughts on “Power corrupts all.!.

  1. Well done. Your work was exceptional. I believe your POV on this issue was displayed elegantly in this Blog Post. You had great points.
    One thing you can work on is expanding on the idea more. How did Cassius use Caesars corruptness to help him? How was Caesar corrupt? other than that you had a good post well done. 😀

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