CCC – Cassius Corrupt Cruel

Who is the worst, most corrupt character in the play? Justify your answer.

As we have read in English the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, we have noticed many different characters with their own persona and personality. In the time, Rome faced many astonishing lies, cheats and a world of selfishness and greediness. Is Cassius a victim OR a villain? By thoroughly studying each individual character, I strongly believe that Cassius is the worst and most corrupt character in the play.

Cassius motivates and manipulates a collection of powerful Roman senators in the courageous and risky public assassination of Julius Caesar. Cassius anticipates the destruction of Julius Caesar due to many particular reasons. The main reason is that he envies Caesar’s powerful high rank and position, he views himself as being far more superior and that Caesar is worthless and he does not deserve all the attention for being crowned king.

Cassius persuades Brutus to lead him, believing that he is like Caesar and he should be receiving the same power as Caesar. Once Cassius and Brutus are at good terms, Cassius persuades Brutus in joining the conspiracy. There are multiple reasons why Cassius chooses Brutus to join their unlawful plan. Although the foremost reason is because he is honourable and he would do anything for the people of Rome and for his home. Also because he believes Brutus would be a good leader, he has a high rank/position, he is close to Caesar and it will be shown as betrayal. Cassius tells Brutus that he will help him see himself properly and what he should be seen as; Act I Scene II Line 68-70, So well as by reflection, I, your glass, will modestly discover to yourself that of yourself which you yet know not of. This quote said by Cassius has metaphorical language. The quote means that Cassius is like a mirror and he has the power and ability to reflect anything as he pleases.

There are many characters in the play who also believe that Cassius is a corrupt character. Act I Scene II Line 194-195; Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look; he thinks too much: such men are dangerous. This quote said by Caesar earlier on before his assassination, proves to show that he also believes that Cassius is dangerous and he is up to something evil. Cassius knows that he can easily manipulate Brutus into thinking that killing Caesar would be a benefit for their home and the people. Brutus starts believing anything and everything Cassius is telling him because he thinks that Cassius only wants the best for him and Rome.

At around the start of Act III Scene I, all the characters apart of the conspiracy end up stabbing poor Caesar to death on the steps of the forum including Cassius.                                                                         I strongly believe that amongst all the other characters in the play, Cassius is the worst and most corrupt character in the play Julius Caesar because he is not trustworthy and he makes up lies throughout the play.

William Shakespeare uses a unique and vivid writing style that really makes the play more powerful. He used many writing techniques such as metaphors in his quotes, rhyme and most importantly blank verse, or iambic pentameter. This is a technique which William Shakespeare uses frequently in his plays. Blank verse is when there are ten syllables in each line of the play, meaning it has five stressed syllables and the other five are unstressed syllables. Usually characters at a high rank speak in blank verse. Most of the famous lines of literature from history come from William Shakespeare. A play well written and imagery reflects the interpretation of this play to its purity.

3 thoughts on “CCC – Cassius Corrupt Cruel

  1. hi, i love your title… its really creative. You made solid arguements, and your structure was really good. One thing you can improve on is making your arrguements a bit stronger. Other than that… well done!

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