Compare the Pair – Cassius & Brutus

Cassius and Brutus were both conspirators and played big parts in the play of Julius Caesar . They play similar yet different roles within the play with different beliefs and goals .

Brutus loved Caesar as a friend an only killed him because he thought it would benefit Rome . Brutus would always put Rome first , saying – ‘ Not that I loved Caesar less , but I loved Rome more ‘ . – Whereas Cassius killed Caesar because it wold benefit himself . He killed him in envy and greed .

Brutus believed that a single man posing as a dictator was wrong and was a strong supporter of the Republic and strongly agreed in a governor lead by a group of senators . He believed that putting Caesar as dictator would ruin Rome and make Caesar into someone he isn’t .

Cassius reason to kill Caesar was irrational and greedy. Only thinking about himself . He hated the fact that Caesar looked god-like in the eyes of the Romans . Cassius had been a talented general and close acquaintance to Caesar , Caesar was an Emperor . It’s clear that Cassius was in Caesar’s shadow most of the time , causing him to feel jealous .

Cassius feels so strongly about Caesar’s death that he manipulated a naive Brutus by forging letters that were supposed to be from the Roman people saying that they wanted Caesar dead .

Cesar’s death as planned by envy , greed , lies and deceit . These emotions seen in everyday people .

But you know what they all say ??

The past always repeats itself .

11 thoughts on “Compare the Pair – Cassius & Brutus

  1. Reasonable post. You may have been able to write more about the differences of the two characters though. Maybe go into more detail and back up your information with some more quotes from the play. There are some spelling errors. But still a good post.

  2. I liked how you added quotes as they backed up your claims. Although you could of had stronger and clearer arguments, the overall quality was good. Also, remember to edit your work for spelling and grammar mistakes. 🙂

  3. That was a very interesting comparison between Brutus and Cassius. I liked how you kept it short and got straight to the point. next time just make sure you spell check.

  4. It is a nice post. Your points are well written but could have been more detailed. Also, try to compare the two characters a liitle bit more. But overall, Good Job!

  5. I really like your title because it rhymes ;). Your post is engaging, especially by the use of rhetorical questions and the quotes help back up your reasons, which is very good. You post is structured clearly and is easy to follow. You kept it brief, however you could elaborate on the ideas you shared in your post. There are a few spelling issues. Otherwise, brief, but still interesting. Well done:)

  6. I agree with this post a lot, you’ve made a lot of good points, but you didn’t quote anything from the play and you could have made more points about their differences. More of their similarities would help enhance the post, too. A few grammatical errors, but other than that, the post is good.

  7. You wrote a good post but it could have been much better. You could have made the paragraphs longer as well as putting more quotes into the blog to contrast the difference between Cassius and Brutus, All in all, it was a wonderful and informative post.

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