How Would You Describe… Tragic?

I’m sure everybody has heard of the play Julius Caesar by Shakespeare. Many call it a tragedy. But how would you describe a tragedy? Many people say it is obviously tragic because of the way that the great Caesar was murdered. Others say it was because Brutus died and I agree. But how would you call it tragic?

In a way I can understand that people think it is tragic because Caesar was to be the king and Brutus was jealous so that is why he killed Caesar. But I believe that it should be called a tragedy for the reasoning of Brutus’ death.

Brutus in Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’ is truly honourable. In Marc Antony’s famous speech at Caesar’s funeral, Antony proclaims in a sarcastic way that Brutus is an honourable man. I truly think he is. Originally, Brutus did not want to stab Caesar because he was a friend of his. But Brutus loved Rome and the only reason why Brutus killed Caesar was for the good of Rome. Thinking about it, you know that Brutus didn’t want to kill Caesar, but he knew it was important and the right thing to do.

So for Brutus to ask to be stabbed at the end of the play is what make it tragic. In this case, to describe tragic, you would say that tragic is like the glue drying before it can stick. This is to say that Brutus is the glue and he is trying to make everything right and stick together but he dried out and could not stick any longer.

Brutus was the hero of the play that was unsuspected. It was tragic that such an honourable man was to die at the end of it. Do you think that Julius Caesar is a tragic play? How would you describe tragic?

6 thoughts on “How Would You Describe… Tragic?

  1. I admire your arguments and believe you provide a definite case, although I disagree. I believe that Caesar was the tragic hero as rumours accelerated his death. In the end, your arguments provided a clear case for your point of view, but as I stated before, this was a contrasting topic.

  2. Your post has some good ideas. One thing I’d like to point out though, is when you said that Brutus killed Caesar because he was jealous but then you said ‘the only reason why Brutus killed Caesar was for the good of Rome.’ Overall though, I enjoyed reading your article!

  3. I agree with all of this. It’s really well written, and I liked how you compared Brutus to glue that tried to stick everything together; that part was really smart. Good job!

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