Journal Task #1 – Person, setting and problem

This year, we’ll be posting pieces fortnightly as part of our Journal writing. These pieces may be creative, opinion based, articles, poetry, or whatever the task calls for. We will be focusing each fortnight on ways that we can explore what we are studying, so we’re starting by looking at our creative writing skills.

Our first core unit for Year 9 2015 is called ‘Show, Don’t Tell’, which focuses on how and why writers create and use imagery in their texts. By focusing on imagery we are uncovering the craft and artistry of writing. We will be exploring a range of texts from poetry to speeches to engage with and critically consider imagery’s palette of language features and the meaning that is conveyed. We will also be flexing our creative muscles and learning how to apply these skills to embellish our own writing.

Task #1 for 2015 asks:



This task is due to be uploaded by Thursday February 26th and should be between 400-500 words. Have fun!

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