Creative Writing

The water was dark and uninviting. Ray looked up. He was chained up and about to be plunged into a vat of freezing cold water.

“Couldn’t this have gone any simpler ?” he thought. Ray was part of elite team of spies trained to thwart enemy conspiracies and plots. His mission had been blown as soon as he had reached his location and he didn’t know why.

“Hey!” he yelled “Get me down.” A colossal figure turned around in his direction. His face was bruised and ugly and he was so big he could have been mistaken for a gorilla.

“Quiet!” he bellowed in a deep undertone. He pointed his machine gun in Ray’s direction.

“The boss wants to see you before you get dunked. Ray had a confused look on his face.

“The boss?” he asked confused. Suddenly the doors opened up. A tall dark figure emerged from behind from the shadows behind him.

“Hello Ray” he said in a calm, chilling voice. Ray couldn’t process what he saw. It was his teammate Alex.

Hours ago during the mission, Alex had accompanied him the desert where the enemy base was. Their mission was compromised and they had been left stranded in the desert. Alex was assumed missing in action. But here he was, right in front of Ray’s eyes.

“Miss me?” asked Alex with a hint of sarcasm.

“What are you doing here?” asked Ray. “We thought you were missing after the mission was compromised.” Alex face changed into an evil grin.

“The only reason why the mission was compromised is because of me” he said.

“But why?” asked Ray with a weary tone. Alex’s betrayal had shocked him mentally and physically.

“Because they’ve got advanced technology, namely weapons” he explained “I’m willing to work with these guys and gain a big profit along the way. Then I can use the weapons to destroy the spy agency and threaten the world into giving me what ever I want.” Ray was disgusted by how much of a monster Alex had become.

“Oh but don’t worry” he said as he walked off “You won’t be around to witness it.” With that, he waved his hand to the guard turned on the chain. Ray was lowered down to the vat of water. Ray started to sweat. H began to think in his head. “What am I going to do now?”

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