The Burning Dead

Night fall collapsed, with nothing but the flicker from the lamp on my desk. Anxious and frustrated, my mind dissolving into bio-chemical warfare, information overload! Suddenly, a landslide of pain struck my head, neck, and eyes, forcing me to take a well deserved break from study. I tried to get up but the weight and stress of my exhausted head dropped hard against the desk, like a sack of potatos…

Where am I? It appears to still be my room but there is no motion, almost as if time has ceased. The room feels smaller and there is an underlay of rotting wood. The ghostly atmosphere invites a brisk chill in the air, paving my attention to a foreign object in the corner of the room. The unknown object intrigues my curiosity, wondering what is lurking deep inside the corner of my room?

Is this the effect of a Bio-Chemistal hazard? Is this me hellucinating? Am I dreaming? Was my dinner laced with some type of amphetamine? Do I have one wicked imagination? Or is this real? Without any control of thought and consequence I manage to gather some strength and draw closer to the object. Each step closer is a stressing and cautious delay. The walls appear to cave in slowly, the rythm of my heartbeat gradually accelerate and amplify the cutting edge silence in my room. But there is no turning back now, I must face the unknown.

Standing face to face with the object, I began to feel fear, a wave of loneliness swept over me. It seemed to have a human form, illuminating the burning dead. Its body smouldering, oozing puss and slime. Now faced with transcending limitations, I am forced to overcome a handicap of shock and fear, confused and unable to know what my next move will be. Should I say something? Should I touch him? Should I leave him? What am I supposed to do? During a frightened, awkward pause, the burning dead slowly gestured to come a little closer.

With great hesitation and a burning desire to know, I took a timid step toward an uncertain outcome. The burning dead and I were real close, so close, the warmth of fear tickled my flesh. The humanoid began to examin and smell the living. I had no intention of engaging, so I kept my head low but this confused and irritated the burning dead, so he began to swoop around the room forming a threatening whirlpool of ashes. Finally, it came to an end and the burning dead whispered in my ear, “good luck in your Bio-Chemistry exam’.

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