The Publishing Deal

I am finally doing it .

Me , Pattie Baker , is finally going to the Publisher , to maybe ( hopefully ) get my book published and in a book deal .It’s nerve – racking yet absolutely exciting .

Jumping on the balls of my feet , I wait in the lobby in the prestigious publishing office . The shocking part was I actually got the call to come in , like yesterday . In less than 24 hour I have made a call saying I would be interested in having a meeting , then them calling me back in under 4 hours , and then me being here in the city , IN A FREAKING PUBLISHING OFFICE .

This . Is . Insane .

” Miss Baker , Mr Hunting would like to see you now ” , the lady at the desk says to me . Oh god .

Taking a deep breathe , I get up from my seat and smooth down my black dress . With my manuscript in one hand and my bag in the other I walk into the lift to go up the 6 levels . The place is so big , that it has 7 levels .

The doors open and I walk out . My heart rate quickens as I see the office door in front me open . Out comes an older male . With brown , slightly grey hair and a gentle smile . He seems very welcoming , my heart rate eases .

I stand in front of him and stick out my hand , returning the smile . ” Nice to meet you sir ” , I say shaking his hand .

” Nice to finally meet you , I’ve read your prologue and couldn’t wait to read the rest , come in ” , he gestures into his office . Walking in I take a seat as he takes his across from me .

I slide the manuscript across the desk and into his hands ” Thank you ” , he says opening to the first page .

” No worries ” I reply , getting worried again .

After five minutes of silence he looks up , smiling slightly he speaks ” You may leave now , you will get a call within 24 hours ” .

” Thank you sir , good bye ” , smiling slightly I walk out and close the door .

My stomach grumbles as I walk into the elevator .

” You ought to feed that thing ” , a strange male accent speaks to me . Turning around I see that it’s a guy who looks extremely European . Possibly around my age . ” Yeah , I’m just about to ” , I say laughing slightly . He laughs along with me . I turn around just as the doors ping open . Walking out I look behind me to see him waving good bye and and walking to the other side of the building .

I wonder what he was doing at the top floor ??

Walking out , I am met by the hustle and bustle of the city streets of Sydney . I spot the closest McDonald’s and walk to it , carefully avoiding the people around me .The fast food joint is crowded , and loud . Ugh . Sighing I order what I usually order . Quarter Pounder and a Frozen Coke .

I get eventually get my gloriously unhealthy food and look around the joint , and only seeing tourists , and people popping in for a quick lunch . But no seats . Dammit . Opening the door , the city speaks loudly , louder than the fast food joint I just walked out of .

I walk quickly to the park that is close to the harbor . Luckily for me it’s a quiet day hear . Settlling down underneath a big tree on looking the sapphire blue sea and harbor .

Hours pass by as I occupy my time with reading my well loved novel and listening to The Smiths . My phone rings stopping my music . I immediately know what the call is about .

It’s time .

2 thoughts on “The Publishing Deal

  1. Ahh, if only that happened to me one day. >.<

    There were a few mistakes here and there, but I thought it was good and quite relatable. If I were in Pattie's shoes, I'd feel exactly as she'd feel. But anyway, good job, Hunter. C:

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