The stalking

Dylan looked through his bag trying to find his keys. It was a strain but he found it at the bottom of the bag. He unlocked his door and opened it ever so slightly. Walking into the house it is dark. He tries to look for his pet cat.

“Fuzzy! I’m home,” he yelled to his cat.

But no reply. Instead he switches on the lights. But all in a quick sudden the lights turn back off, he switches it off and back on but still no light is turning on.

“Must be something wrong with the fuse,” he said.

The door behind him slams shut. All in a fright Dylan drops his bag and turns around. He was wandering if someone was there, but there was no one, nothing. He finds a torch and heads to the fuse box. Stumbling through his households in the dark he heard a noise in front of him, in the distance. It sounded like whisper.

“Hello, is somebody there… must be the wind,” he said.

He continues in search for the fuse box. All around nothing but darkness, and silence. All he could hear was his footsteps walking across the creaky timber. Walking past the window he sees a tiny dim lit light. He stares at it, figuring out where could it be coming from. But in an instant it turns off. He forgets about it and moves on. Beep! Dylan receives a text message. He pulls his phone out of his pocket.

“Whats this?”

There on his phone was a message from an anonymous person. It wasn’t just a message, it was a video sent from the person. There was someone in the video sleeping. Dylan looks and watches the video closely to see that the person is him.

“How could I have a video of me sleeping, I live alone, or at least with a cat. How could this person have a video of me sleeping,” Dylan wondered.

He got a cold tingle down his spine. He was thinking of reporting this to the police. But then he heard a noise, it sounded like Fuzzy. Meow! It sounded like it was from the bathroom. Dylan rushed to get his way to the bathroom. He opened the door to find that nothing was there. Or at least nothing he could see.

“Maybe I’m hallucinating,”

Dylan decided to wash his face.He looked up into the mirror and and saw in the darkness behind him something black standing towards him. Dylan quickly turns around in shock. But nothing is standing there just empty darkness and silence, again. Aaaaahhhh!

“What was that, its sounded like a scream, it was coming from the basement,” said Dylan.

Dylan headed to the basement, he was scared but at the same time someone needed his help, or at least was in trouble. While running to the basement he drops his torch somewhere. Without any attempt of retrieving his supply of light he keeps running, running in fear of any other weird things he may encounter. Running down the stairs trying avoid tripping over he stumbles into the basement. He looks around for that person screaming. It is very hard to see in the dark without a torch. Creaking noises behind him. Dylan turns around in fright.

“Is anyone there? Hello,” asked Dylan.

No reply. Knock, Knock! There was a knock on the door in front of Dylan.

“Is that you Fuzzy? Who’s there,” asked Dylan.

Now he is even more terrified. Who is in his house, why isn’t the lights working. With that last bit of bravery he go and opens the door. He grabs ahold of the handle and turns it slowly. The door opens and there stood something, something he has been trying to run away from for years. Something had he never wanted to see ever again in his life.

But there it stood, it has found him.

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