Journal Task #1- The City Burned

The city burned, fire lighting up the sky. The stars and the sun were now indistinguishable, both as large as the other, both growing larger after each blink of the human eye. Red flames began to crowd Sylvia’s brain, fighting to escape through her the fragile wall protecting her eyes. Her bones and her hopes were cemented down beneath the life consuming granite that had once held up the city. As her scuffed skin scraped beneath the impossible weight, she heard the sign of life- a spine-crackling scream of horror and loss.

While the being continued the anguished cry, Sylvia thought about how a mere ten minutes ago, the whole city was an empire full of marble, gold, and wealth. The children sang with simple delight, their parents walked barefoot, trusting the roots of their hard work, and all the merchants built the most magnificent objects. A mere ten minutes ago, the world was whole, and now the sky was crumbling before their eyes.

The person was still screaming in the distance, and Sylvia’s heart was beating to the song of death. Her world had once been beautiful, she would tie ribbons in her hair, stroll to school and whistle along with the birds. Along with her he pleasant memories, she recalled how the end of the world began…

It was a serene Saturday evening. There was a full moon creating silhouettes on the earth, rich aromas of pies and poached fruits wafted through the air.  A gentle chatter lived among the streets, and then, like the flipping of a switch, the sapphire sky lit up to a blinding white. The moon transformed into a spinning oval and seemed to be flying towards the earth’s surface. The faces of the whole city, stood gawking at the sight, unsure of what was happening and completely blank to any idea of salvation.

The earth burned like hot coals beneath the population’s feet as the now flaming moon shot towards them. It hit with the force of another universe, its impact deforming the land, its surface blazing the life of the city. It buried Sylvia underneath the city’s rubble…

As if witchcraft had dealt all their power at the moment Sylvia thought she might just die, she felt a jolt in the tips of her fingers and toes. A peculiar dusting of something unknown seemed to spread through her veins, and reproduce its power until it was simply bursting through her skin. With Herculean strength, she lifted the weight bounding her to her death, and stood strong with her face shooting arrows of hatred towards the evil sky.

The person who had just been screeching now stood transfixed at the sight of the impenetrable body of Sylvia. She stretched up the through her spine, until her arms reached the sky, until her feet were floating off the floor, until she felt a brisk wind swirl around torso. With lion like courage, she roared her name at the sky and walked across her home territory.

Her howl cracked the horizon into shards of glass, and made way for the crisp autumn sky laying a little behind. Crimson leaves, as red as the fire that has just blown away were now swimming through the air.  The souls of the deceased flurried in this new world, and a fresh breeze cleansed all the horror Sylvia had seen in the last ten minutes of her life. A sense of deep loneliness sunk into her chest, but she realised it was okay; she had saved the world, after all.

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