Near the End

I grabbed her hand just as she was about to fall off the railing. Her deep, sorrowful eyes met my own for only a moment before she shook off my grip and let herself go over the edge. My heart paused and it was hard to believe that she was gone. I still felt her long fingers linger on my hand, wanting to let go, to end her life. My body moves closer towards the edge of the ragged cliff and I force myself to look down. I couldn’t see her. The dark trenches swallowed the night and I couldn’t prevent myself.

When I cried there was a rawness to it, the pain was an open wound. I teared at the shards of grass beneath me until I felt the grainy soil. My sobs are stifled at first as an attempt to hide my grief, but then I’m overcome by a wave of emotions and I break done entirely, all my defences washed away with these salty tears. I look back down the rocky mountain and a gush of rage surges through my body.

I couldn’t believe she could be so selfish. She knew someone loved her but she decided to go out the easy way and lose the heartache. She probably didn’t even care that I was up here tearing myself apart. I stop crying and look down. Slowly I balance my unstable body and stand up. I’m filled with so much despair, so much rage that I take a step closer and closer, until I was right on the edge. One more step and gravity would have its effect, hauling me further into the darkness. Hesitant, I lift my foot up and sweat pronounced itself, confirming my fatal fear. The wind ruffles my black hair and it is peaceful for a moment.

Vivid headlights speed through and stop abruptly. I slowly turn and a recognisable shadow emerges from the front seat. Hot tears roll down my face and I step back, my legs giving way. The familiar feel of grass encases my body and I allow my tired eyes to shut.

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