Journal #1: Ms Straem’s ring

I jump into the wild water. The waves crash around me as I swim towards my turquoise purse. I try to fight the strength of the waves and grab my purse and swim back to the boat. Linda and Jessie grab my sore arms and pull me back to safety.
“Candy!” Linda scolds me like a mother. “You could have drowned!” I didn’t care though. All that matters is the purse. ” I can’t believe you did that. What were you thinking?! All for that stupid purse. What’s in there anyway?”
I sit on the edge of the boat, breathless for a few minutes while Linda takes us back to the shore. I check the contents. The sapphire ring with tiny silver studs on the borders is still there.

“Mike,” I say, turning the TV off and catching the attention of my brother.
“Hey, I was watching that!” he exclaims.
“Listen, can you take me to the boulevard? It’s this really important thing for school I need to get. Just take me there and I’ll call you when I’m done. Please?” I plead.
Mike sighs, “fine”

I watch Mike’s bronze Ford Falcon disappear into the distance as I turn into the corner away from the boulevard and start walking towards the police station. My heart’s thumping so loudly, I think it’s about to explode right out of my chest. My knees are shaking so much I can barely walk. I push the big blue and white striped doors and walk up to a random desk.
“Hi Officer. My name’s Candy Lacelie and I may, well I think I have some really important clues about Ms Straem’s murder,” I say. I was hoping to sound like an organized and professional business woman but I probably sounded like an unsophisticated 16 year old girl. The Officer with the pointy noise and black curly hair just nods and says, “Take a seat. We’ll get back to you”
“I don’t think you understand,” I say. Oh great, now I just sound like a spoiled brat. The Officer lowers his glasses.
“I may have just gotten a serious clue in the most important case right now.”
He looks at me and says in a stern voice, “Alright missy. I’m going to let you talk to an Officer but if I find out you’re wasting time then you’re out of here.”
I nod and he leaves his desk and goes around to the corner. A young petite policewoman walks up to me.
“Candy? My name’s Constance Maia. I heard you had a clue to Ms Straem’s murder,” she questions.
“Yeah, here look,” I say and carefully take the ring out of my turquoise bag. I explain everything to her and I must say, I fele pretty proud of myself.
At last, Constance Maia says, “Well thank you so much for your help. I’ll notify the other officers about what you told me and can I take the ring?”
“Of course,” I say. The ring is of sentimental value to me but the poor girls death is more important than that.

I call Mike to take me home and whilst driving back I feel as if it was such sweet sorrow parting with the ring and the memories it held.
“So I drove back to check up on you and saw you enter the police station,” Mike questioningly says. “Anything you’d like to tell me? Did you just confess that you’re a serial killer?”
“Haha, very funny,” I say. “Can I tell you something without getting killed?”
“Hey, you’re the murderer here,” he jokes around.
“No, I’m serious. Can I tell you something without getting into trouble for it?” I ask.
“Just tell me.”
“Okay, so I was watching the documentary on the mystery of Anni Straem’s death like 2 months ago,” I explain. “And what’s really weird is that a few days later I found the same ring she always wore in the garbage bin…”

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