Journal Task #1: Life Changing Moment

Laying there at the cemetery with my best friend Ruby who is down under ground, on top covered futile, vivid flowers. The blooming, green grass, piercing my skin, the birds whistling and chirping together in the extraordinary trees swaying with the harsh wind. It’s here, it’s here where I feel safe, and this is the only place I feel safe to get away from all the torture and agony I’m going through, next to my dear friend.  Why am I above ground looking at the stunning scenery and she’s below enclosed in darkness with creatures that make your skin crawl, in an over sized box.

I come here every day for hours talking to her. I tell her every little detail about my day, from when I wake up to when I go into my cold, depressing bed. Some nights I even sleep next to her at the place where we first met. I talk and talk and there’s still no answer. Each and every day goes by as I watch the glowing green grass turn to yellow, the birds getting older until they cannot sing, the high trees getting old and unpleasant and still no answer. In a couple of weeks Ruby and I were going to have our 18th birthday party together which we spent hours and hours on and days and days. We were planning to have a huge party with friends and families, a massive cake, astounding decorations, a room full of yellow and pink (our favourite colour) balloons uncontrolled around the room, soft music floating around the room and a night full of love, happiness, fun and most significantly FRIENDSHIP!

It all started off when I made Ruby sneak out of her house from her parents, to come with me to this enormous party from a girl from our school. It was really dark at night when I picked her up. The roads were as hectic as a train station congested with crowds of aggressive people. Once the traffic calmed down we were driving down the highway, I just got my P plates, although I wasn’t fully ready.  I quickly turned around to face the back seat, and that was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. I smash my foot harshly on the breaks, my silver corolla goes spinning just like a roller coaster but it wasn’t fun. It was more heart-racing and terrifying. The car flips down a steep, rough and jagged hill. Next minute I’m in an ambulance driving recklessly with the deafening sound, with bright blue and red lights penetrating my eyes. That’s all I can remember.

I remember waking up in a freezing cold hospital, dressed in a blue patterned gown and colourful flowers and cards surrounded me. I felt so numb, like I just got hit by a bus or even worse a monster truck. I kept asking the nurses, my family and friends where Ruby was. I was so stressed and worried, just to know if she was OK. Although they just ignored me like I didn’t even ask. Until one of the days my mum finally told me the distressing news. She didn’t last; they turned the switch off on the coma.

From then on I got bullied with people demanding to me in my ear every day that it was my fault. Although after that torture stopped, I met a girl who looks exactly like Ruby. She reminded me so much of her.

I’ve learnt my lesson and I still regret my actions that day.  The feeling of guilt and having to live with it for the rest of my life is overwhelming. Nothing will ever replace Ruby, although the girl I met helps me get through it all and she comes with me to visit Ruby often.


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