Journal Task #1

bungee-jumping-womanI could see the world as I knew it coming to an end as I fell from the cliff. Who knew death could be so overwhelming, my head was overrun with memories of my first birthday all the way to the few but crucial moments that lead me to my one way ticket out.

Let me give you the run down. My friends Kasey and Lachlan had decided I was a hypochondriac because I was always telling them how I was coughing whenever I went out into a forest or even just a park (seriously I sound like a dog, it’s not very attractive). My stupid ‘yes we’re right and you’re just a big baby’ so called “friends” decided to take me out for bungee jumping on the anniversary of our friendship. Lachie and Kase showed up on my front door with the widest of grins, they looked like a 6 year old being told they were going to Disneyland, in perfect sync they said to me,
“Maya we’re going bungee jumping!!” and they started to jump up and down it was quite hilarious. Although I was in shock, I didn’t want to go bungee jumping! Guaranteed that was in the middle of nowhere so of course nature would be untouched in all its glory (yeah sure whatever you say) and not to mention we’d be jumping into a giant gap of the earth with the only support of a piece of rope. All aside, Kasey and Lachlan were my friends, they were so excited for the day to come, who was I to turn down two of my closest friends on something they were seriously looking forward to, I didn’t want to do it if my life depended on it, but I’d do it for either of them in a heartbeat.

On the day of our “exciting” new adventure my friends showed up bright eyed and bushy tailed on my doorstep at the crack of dawn. I opened the door for them still half asleep in my tacky blue sponge bob pajamas with a whole chunk of hair in my mouth and the rest in a giant mess at the top of my head
“Umm, Maya what’s the go with your hair this morning?” Kasey sounded so cautious,
“It’s like 5am, I didn’t even know you guys were coming! My hair is in its natural form, now you’ve seen nature in all its glory…” I said with the most sarcastic tone of voice “now we don’t have to go to the stupid bungee jumping thing” but Lachlan was quick to butt in and talk on and on about how it’s a different and wild experience and how we’re all going to grow so much from it as people and as a group of friends, especially me as he so kindly put out.

3 hours later we’re on the rusty, chipped red paint Karumba Bridge which is 500m above a caramel brown crispy looking surface with cracks left right and centre with the occasional shrub here and there. I’m coughing like a dog and waving my right hand around like a crazy maniac while my left hand digs and searches into the bottomless pit otherwise known as my trusty backpack searching for my bug repellent. Kasey and Lachlan just stand there and watch me as if I’m Ellen DeGeneres or Kevin Hart doing standup comedy on a talk show. They motion me to follow them as we get in line to get ready to jump and sadly I follow, not at all excited for what there is to come.

“Isaac the Instructor” gives us the run down on the do’s and don’ts of bungee jumping followed by the safety checks with all our gear until we’re all set to “mosey on over” to the edge and “fall into the arms of the earth” (more like fall into the ghastly pits of hell).

It’s finally come to my group of friends and of course they both insisted on me taking the first jump, still coughing like a dog, or maybe even worse now that I’ve been exposed to nature for more than 5 hours. I’m standing on the edge of this rickety old bridge and I hear the little clicks of the buckles being fastened and my harness being tightened almost to the point where every part of my body feels as though it’s ready to pop. Isaac tells me to cross my arms over my chest and on his count, ‘jump like it’s the last thing you’ll ever do.’ Not a funny thing when it turns out to be the last thing you’ll ever do.

“ONE, TWO, THREE…JUMP MAYA JUMP” and I go, I close my eyes and just take in the moment, I already started to feel like a new person, I tried to shut out the fact that all these bugs were getting into my goggles and hitting my face, I tried to shut out the fact that my hair was going to turn back into its natural form, I even tried to enjoy myself. That all changed within 5 seconds.

I heard a loud click from above, followed by everyone gasping and screaming my name saying no over and over and over again. Then I heard a rip, and I knew at that moment I was in danger, I ripped open my eyes like how you would if you thought someone just broke into your house , and looked up. My one rope of hope was now my one way ticket out, I saw it begin to fall towards me as I was still falling and then watch it pass me, heading to the earth like a magnet to a fridge. This was it.

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