Journal Task #1 – Gladiator

He was bound, gagged and blindfolded, all in the space of a few minutes; a few minutes that would forever change his life. Thrown in the back of a cart, he was dragged to his death. For hours all he felt was bump after bump, and the shouts of commoners. They finally came to a stop and he was grabbed and shoved to his feet. The cloth bindings, blindfold and gag were removed and in lieu, chains and a metal ball were placed on him. He was led down to a small cell that smell of urine and looked as though it was millennia old. There was a small hole in the corner and a bed comprised of dead fern leaves in the other corner. All in all, the cell looked to be roughly three metres by three metres. He was shoved in and left to his own  devices.

He took all the sleep that he could get until he was violently awoken by a kick to the ribs. His captors loomed over him, screaming at him to get up. He crawled to his knees, his arms scratched from the leaves and his torso on fire from the kick to his ribs. Dragged up by his captors, one pulled him over his shoulder while the other trailed behind silently, carrying the metal ball attached to his chains. They dumped him in an armoury and unlocked his chains, allowing him free movement for the first time in nearly two days. They exited the armoury and declared that he had thirty minutes to prepare. He started to call out but was abruptly cut off when the large wooden doors boomed to a close.

The wall were adorned with weaponry of all sorts; silver and gold swords, iron spears, bronze shields, large spiked maces, golden breastplates and even more weaponry, farther than the eye could see. He picked up a golden breastplates covered in cuts and scratches from previous battles, a golden sword, and a bronze shield, equipping himself for god knows what comes next. Pocketing some of the throwing knives, he started practicing with the golden sword.

Before he knew it, half an hour had passed it seemed that the time had come to face whatever came next. The gates to the arena slowly swung open with a loud creak, pulled open by pulleys situated on either side of the doors. He walked through the gates and into the largest arena that he had ever beheld. He took in the cheering crowds, the monstrous roars emanating from the stands, the rich betting on who the winner would be and the Roman emperor seated upon a lush wooden throne adorned in diamonds, blood rubies, emeralds and lapis lazuli gems. All of a sudden, everything snapped in to place and everything made sense; he had been kidnapped and forced to participate in the gladiator ring.

The roars from the crowd grew even louder as on the opposite side of the gladiator ring another set of doors opened to admit a hulking mass of a man, adorned in glorious golden armor. Suddenly the crowd hushed as the Roman emperor began to speak and finally spoke the words that would signify his doom;” LET THE GAMES…BEGIN!” The battle had just begun but it felt as if it had already ended with his demise. He would fight with all his power and win.

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