The Package

Beep. I pass through the security check and am handed back my luggage to proceed towards my flight.

Today was just another old, ordinary business trip, or so I thought. As I walked through the corridor a man approached me. He seemed like an ordinary guy. He reached into his coat and pulled out a small package. It was about the size of a book and looked somewhat similar as well having 6 flat faces and being flat and rectangular in shape. The man holds the package out to me and places a stack of cash on top.

“Take this onto the plane and the money is yours.” He says.

He allows me to count the money, 100, 5000, 100 000, 200 000, 500 000… something has to be wrong! No normal person would give that much away so easily. I can’t take it; it is way too suspicious and risky. I think back to my poor daughter at home with a breathing tube in her throat, this is just what she needs.

“I’ll take it”, I announce to the man

So he hands over the package and money with a thank you, and just as I begin to walk away he calls out to me,

“A word of advice, no matter what do not open the package.”

As I head onto the plane all I can think about is the package. What could possibly be worth that much just to be taken onto a plane? Why couldn’t the man have just taken it himself?

The plane begins to take off yet still the package bugs me, I rest my head on the seat and let my dreams take me away, but the package pops right back into my mind. I can’t take it anymore; I reach into my bag and remove the package placing it onto my lap. I brace myself and reef back the brown paper that is covering what hides inside…

Inside is a black box with an LCD screen in the middle which flashes with the words ‘bomb activated’. My mind and body go into shock; I have doomed everyone on this plane! A timer clocks onto the screen, 9:59, 9:58, and 9:57. Only ten minutes before everyone on this plane is spread across the land below and all I do is stare, stare at the seconds ticking by unable to move because of the shock.

I look at the people around me, all totally oblivious to the fact that a bomb is about to exploded. Then I realise, I’m the only one that can stop this, I am responsible for the lives of all these innocent people…

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