Journal 2 – Hear

I have a friend, her name is Emma. She recently had an accident where her ear was damaged, both ears. She is now in hospital for the last 6 days. I’m going to visit her to see how she is.

Walking into the hospital is such a drag, its so boring and smells like old people. All I could hear was people crying, screaming and shouting. This is a hospital aren’t they meant to help you feel better. I needed help finding my friends room where is everyone around here? I started looking around the place, I didn’t really feel comfortable here. Then a strange looking tall woman approached me.

“Do you need any assistance?” she asked

“Yes, could you lead me to room 666, I’m here to visit my friend,”

“of course, although that room hasn’t been used in a long time,”


“Well there was an incident but, never mind that lets go see if your friend is ok shall we?”

She lead me to the room, we walked down a dark silent corridor, and her footsteps was all I heard. There were rooms down this lane, but it was extremely hard too see. I tried hard to follow her every move avoiding the obstacles in my way. I heard noises in the rooms, although no one was in it. I tried looking into the rooms but all I could see were unused wheelchairs and something underneath the bedsheets strapped to the bed.

“Whats under the bed?”

“Nothing, its probably for training purposes, lets keep going you don’t want to be late,”

It felt like a long time but eventually we arrived at my friend’s room, it seemed like she was sleeping because no one in there, not even the nurse. I wondered what she was doing I walked in to see her not sleeping, instead she was just staring into the distance.

“Hello Emma, are you ok?”

“Hi Mathew, I’m good thanks,” emma replied.

The room looked even more boring, it was cold and sterile too. The strange lady had left, leaving me and Emma. I walked to where she was laying I had a look at her ear to see if it was ok. All I could think about was who gave her the ear, obviously it was from a donor who has passed away but the ear seemed so new and looked like it was from a child.

“How was the operation, everything ok?” I asked.

“Yeah it was fine but there was one thing, its about the implant,”

“Yeah what’s wrong,”

“well ever since the operation, every night, I hear screams…”

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