Journal Task #2 – Trapped

eyesGoing for my dental check up, I take a seat and lie down ready for my inspection. My inspection by my glowing red, beady-eyed dentist. He’s probably put contacts in I guess,

“Hey John when did you get the contacts in?” surely when he answered my question, all the other questions that I had would be answered too. He turned to me holding a brush,

“Oh these aren’t contacts, they’re just like this” he was slowly approaching me, his grin became dangerously evil. “You’re going to be delicious”, right at that moment he pounced towards me, mouth wide open like he was about to bite my arm off, I had to run.

I jumped out of my seat knocking everything I could to block him while I was screaming at the top of my lungs. Running towards the door I realised that there was no escape. Everything had been boarded up with freakishly long planks of wood. I could hear him coming towards me, what was I going to do? I was trapped.

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