Journal Task #2 – Midnight Bathroom Visit

The midnight darkness glooms over Katarina’s home, as silence lurks between the lonely walls. She squints to defeat the battle of vision during the nighttime when finally, her pitter-patter against wooden boards reaches the bathroom upstairs. She fumbles around in the dark for a light switch as a flood of blinding light gushes in, while her deep-blue eyes recover from the straining darkness.

Her cold, bare feet grip the glossy tiles and a shiver crawls through her frightened, frozen body like a spider. Katarina can’t understand these odd, unexplained symptoms of petrified fear.

Do you know that feeling where somebody’s watching you?

That was exactly how the young girl felt, and right now, she was way too frightened to turn around to see her mother watching, waiting… again.

On a few occasions now, Katarina’s seen her mother looking over her like her shadow. Her innocent tears always roll down her rose cheeks. Katarina’s tried engaging in conversation, but, her mother’s lifeless eyes just glare at her, and then she disappears. Now, a stream of bravery pounces into her body, as she glances in the mirror to the sight of the predator. This time it’s not her mother, as she sees the reflection off it’s eyes of blood blink.

Frightened, Katarina rushes to her bedroom and hides under the blankets, where she hopes to be safe. Then, she hears the ominous sound of footsteps coming closer and closer… and faint, eerie giggles from her wardrobe echo through her invaded room.

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