It’s a Cat-astrope! – Journal Entry #2

Her watch ticked on and on, with each passing second the thick droplets of blood made themselves known amongst the hairs on my shaking and ashen arms. What have I done?

My once curious eyes were filled with horror and dread as I looked into the reflection of them through her own lifeless pair. My gaze traveled around the room, the noise from the television making me jump as I tried to wipe the blood that had splashed from the grey fabric of the couch. I brought my stained hand up to my mouth, trying to remember what had happened. Tears gushed down my cheeks, my sobs coming in hysteric heats. I couldn’t remember, not a single thing, but no matter what I tried, the fear in her voice played over and over in my ears, pleading with me to stop. To stop what? As far as I was concerned it was all a game, a harmless game that had us both giggling a mere two minutes ago. When had it all gotten so serious?

My eyes traced the soft waves of her chestnut hair, travelling down and kissing her milky skin. I could remember the way it felt as her hand slowly ventured down to the area of my belly, the red of her nail polish almost as vibrant as the blood that lay under my fingernails. I remembered bearing my teeth, the animal feeling that took over my body as my pupils dilated, and that electric wave of power that gushed over me as I allowed my nails to peep their vile ends.   But from there, I couldn’t remember a thing. I lowered my head to her face, looking hard for a sign of life, the pulse that would find me innocent. Alas! Her eyes very slowly blinked, had her chest been moving like that this whole time? She looked cross, her eyes piercing my inner soul. I muttered an apology, wanting to only snuggle up against her. Her gaze seemed to soften, but hardened up just as quickly as she looked over at the blood. She sighed and whisked it away with her opposite hand.

“Goodness Jasper, you’ve got to stop scratching me! That’s what your scratching post is for!” she nudged me off of the couch, leaving me to lie amongst the strands of carpet I’d already pulled out.

I felt like a dirty animal looking back at her all snuggled up and relaxed. I rolled my eyes at her, sticking my fluffy white tail high in the air, my nose doing the same thing. I then slowly strolled on the outskirts of the carpet, teasing the wool with my brutal nails. I gave her one last nasty look, before accepting the fact I was in the dog house. I made my way over to the scratching post and pretended I was enjoying its use, my eyes locking with hers as I did so. A small smile crept onto her lips, signalling I had won her over. I rushed over to the lush couch cushion, making sure to cover the blood stains with my pale body. Her fingers brushed my jaw line, travelling down to my belly once again. And in an instant, I felt a roar rip from my throat, leaving me with yet another mystery, this time of how my teeth got to be around her fingers…

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