Journal Entry #2

I wake up drowsy and confused in the trunk of a moving vehicle. It’s dark and I have a throbbing headache then all of a sudden I’m jolted forward and hit my head as the car jolts to a holt. The trunk top is opened up and I look up to see a man in a mask mumbling. They grab me by my arms and through me to the ground then speed off leaving a cloud of dust that fills my lungs and makes me cough like a manic. I look up to see I’m surrounded by trees and I’m in complete darkness. I take my phone out but there are no bars and it reads 12:23am. I start walking trying to find a signal to call for help but there’s still nothing. Finally I see a dim light in the distance and start running until finally I come to a house. The house is small and is more like a hut maybe someone’s holiday house or something. I knock on the door but there is no answer, I turn the knob and it’s unlocked. I step inside and flick on the light when the light finally flickers on I’m shocked….

I’m scared and confused at  what I see…What the hell is this? There are pictures of me everywhere and my friends, there are cupboards filled with wigs and masks and sitting on the shelf are dolls that look exactly like us. Then I notice something on the mirror, writing in red lipstick that reads ‘life is but a dream and I’m your nightmare –N’…..

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