Egyptian Mau- Journal Task #2

The sea water’s warmth flooded through her veins as she lowered her battered bones into her bathroom’s ocean. Just as the bubbles were about to engulf her, she heard to mischievous creak of the door, and felt the tickling sensation of whiskers on her raised toes. Her cat had come meowing in, but hadn’t she locked the door?

As confusion began to cloud her thoughts, she was met with an external clash! Two scraping, stormy figures charged through the door with the force and sound of an African safari stampede. The iron rings around her eyes snapped in half as she witnessed the claws of the intruders attempt to grasp her one true friend. As their hands got closer and closer to the cat’s silky fur, an unfamiliar roar filled the woman’s ears, and a black hole blanketed her eyes to the horror before her.

The screech of shock leeched from the bathroom window as the one of the intruders and the cat went bolting through it. The nose of Violet had become blocked by the lukewarm water that was now engulfing all her oxygen. Her head was bolted down to the base of the tub and the scratchy spines sticking out of one of the intruders’ hands dug into the sensitive crevices of her face.  At that moment the gears all seemed to be interlocking in her brain and she realised that the intruder wanted to kill her so he could go after her cat. Within this three second realisation, Violet made her body as limp as the weightless wind encircling the night, and immediately felt the pressure evaporate from her body.

As she heard the sound of crashing sticks outside the window, Violet came up to the unbearable surface of the water for a life-saving breath. Her wheezing seemed to scream out from the walls, but she had no time to focus on that. She sifted through her scratchy memory, passing through the rocky images and earthy scents until she tumbled over the exact reason why her cat was attacked that day.

The cells in her brain turned into ancient paint brushes, as ancient as the great Egyptian civilisation, and the image unfolded…

Her cat’s caramel fur slid over sandstone and gold as she pawed his way to his throne. The ancient “meow” resounded off of the marble walls as the common Egyptian population bowed down to the royal sound. With piercing eyes, the cat observed down upon her followers, absorbing their faith in their leader, in return, radiating hope and joy into their hearts. With the twitch of her elongated tail, the people arose with glazed eyes and strolled out of the sacred temple…

It was like the rarest key had unlocked the hidden door in Violet’s brain because at that moment Violet realised exactly why her cat was being chased- she was a direct descendant of the Egyptian Mau cats!

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