Journal #2 – Sleep Paralysis

The cold crisp air blows through the window, chilling the room. I wake up and feel the goose bumps running down my arm. I adjust the blanket, wrapping it around my entire body. Sticking a hand out, I check the time on my phone. 4am. I try to turn my body to the side, but I’m stuck. My body has frozen in place and I can’t move at all. I begin to panic as I strain myself trying to move any part of my body. A toe, a finger, anything! I can’t move a thing. I try to call out to my parents in the next room, hoping they can come and help me from this nightmare, but nothing escapes my mouth. I scream and shout but it’s inaudible. Suddenly, I hear a creaking noise coming from the wardrobe. The door of the wardrobe has eerily creaked open and I see a blurry black shadow emerge from the gap. I shut my eyes tight, and once I feel it’s clear, I slowly open them. The door is closed with no black shadow. I can’t move. I can’t speak. And I’m pretty sure I’m hallucinating. I am in a transitional state between wakefulness and sleep. I am in a sleep paralysis.

A sudden pressure pushes down on my chest and I wince. I begin to have trouble breathing as the weight gets heavier on my lungs. It feels as if there was someone sitting on my chest. A pair of ghostly hands creep up onto my neck and grasp it tight. There is nothing there but I feel the grip get stronger and tighter around my neck. I’m struggling to fill my lungs with air. Is this how I’m going to die? By the hands of a ghost in a sleep paralysis? Can you die in a sleep paralysis? A loud bang spreads around the room. The weight on my chest is lifted and the hands on my neck release me. I take a big gulp of air like I’ve just emerged from being under water for too long. I must’ve been crying as I can feel tears fall down the side of my face. Still paralysed, I move my eyes around trying to see where that noise came from. The room is empty. I pan my eyes around again and something draws me to the corner.  The entire room is somewhat lit by the moonlight but that corner is strangely submerged in darkness. As my eyes adjust, I see a small silhouette in the shape of a….little girl.

A sense of fear and alarm washes over me and my heart begins to beat rapidly out of my chest. The silhouette stands facing the corner with its back towards me. I don’t understand why I have this deep feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. The silhouette of the little girl starts to turn around slowly and the fear I feel becomes more intense. The girl is facing me now. She stares at me with wide eyes. As my eyes move down her face, I feel a pang of shock and a shiver rushes down my spine. Her mouth stretches across her face, wide open showing her teeth. Her teeth are sharp on both the bottom and top row, fitting together like pieces of a puzzle. Her lips are tinted a bright red. This girl looks like she could chew off a limb in one swift bite. All of a sudden, the little girl sprints towards me, mouth wide open, ready to pounce. My heart is pounding and I can’t run away. I squeeze my eyes shut tight before she reaches me. I keep them closed for what I feel is three minutes before I open them again. She is gone.

I read somewhere that to release yourself from a sleep paralysis you should start by trying to wiggle a toe or finger. I focus on moving one of my fingers for eight minutes when finally I am able move my entire hand and soon after, my entire body. I lay in my bed all alone relieved that the nightmare was over, or at least I thought it was. I feel a hot breath on the back of my neck and an arm wrapping around my waist hugging me closer. A demonic voice whispers in my ear.

“Just wanted to say goodnight”

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