Journal Task #2: Horror After Dark

Horror After Dark

It’s one o’clock in the morning on a Friday night. The night is still, with the dazzling full moon beaming through the dark, cold, winter sky. The sparkling stars scattered all over the sky like a birthday cake covered in sprinkles. The moon and stars are indistinguishable. As I stroll through the large, quiet and daunting looking park with open grass land and extraordinary trees swaying and dancing to the rhythm of the harsh wind. The trees lead the long, narrow foot path all the way through till it’s pitch black and the path vanishes.

I drag my fatigue legs aching in pain after my late night shift of work, my black leather work shoes scraping along the rough concrete surface. Until I hear a spine shivering sound. Tip! Tap! Tip! Tap! I hear footstep-like tapping coming from behind me, becoming louder and I feel like it’s following me. I start to speed up my pace like a cheetah, turning my stroll into a sprint. Putting up with the pain in my legs, it felt like I was dragging weights that weighed a tonne from my ankle. I realise that the black, tall figure following me had gone.                                                                                                                     Rushing to get my front door unlocked with my key and safely get in the house.

Although I don’t remember leaving my shining eye piercing corridor light on, nor do I remember drinking a huge glass of red wine that has been left on my dining table. The unfamiliar lavender candle essence fills my nostrils, coming from the kitchen……….                                                                                                                                                                               ?????

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