What A Storm Can Lead To

The storm growled with anger, pelting cold drops of water to the ground. I stay trembling underneath the shelter, only a worn out grey coat to keep me from freezing to death. My body trembles, just like the ground beneath my shaky limbs. The only thing making the rain not hit my pale skin is an old, rusty shelter abandoned at least 5 years ago.

It’s my home now.

I look around and above, looking for any signs of life but nothing. Not one person would be out in a storm like this, I feel as if one strong gust of wind would make my home crumble. Lying down on the damp grass, I close my eyes falling into a deep sleep.

The warmth of a hand shakes me awake. I wearily open my eyes to find a young man with ebony hair and eye the colour of the Caribbean Sea. He smiles gently at me showing he means no harm.

Sitting up he sits down and places his umbrella with a logo unfamiliar to me on the ground next to him. “Hello, my names Eric, I work with the Red Cross “. He introduces himself so smoothly it sounds like he has said it a thousand times. He probably has. I probably just another charity case for him. I stare at him, trying to figure out his intentions of coming up to me. Does he want to give me food?? Give me a blanket?? Want to chat??

“Hi “, I say abruptly, trying to avoid conversation with this somewhat attractive human being. His black rimmed glasses, button nose and shaggy hair really work for him. Looking into the distance I hear a bag open and almost immediately feel a blanket drop around my bony shoulders.

So that’s why he is here, to give the only homeless person in our suburb a blanket. The warmth feels my body with fuel, and I’m thankful.

“Thank you “, I whisper, not wanting to bother him with my smelly exterior and dull personality. I used to me the bubbliest girl before my parents kicked me out of my home , from not knowing why they disowned me and falling into a deep depression my personality has drowned into a pool of dull .

“I brought some hot soup and sandwiches, I know you need something in your body just by the look of you “, he smiles and places the food on the floor in front of us. “ Why are you helping me, I don’t need your help “, I say staring harshly at him. His face almost immediately falls.

“Well I volunteer to help the homeless and you seem like an interesting person “. He states adjusting his glasses. “I am not interesting though “.

“You seem interesting though “, he argues back. Picking up a sandwich he places it on my lap, “now eat “. I rip at the sandwich, quickly chomping it all down with him quietly eating beside me.

“You haven’t told me your name “, Eric quietly says placing his sandwich down. “ Then guess “, I reply to his statement, not wanting to tell him.

“Emily? “.

“No “.

“Margaret? “.

“No “.

“Uh, Jane? “. Omg what?? Dammit.

“Yeah “, I shyly whisper, taking another sandwich.

“Well that’s elegant  … And quite pretty “, he says nudging my shoulder. I feel him smiling at me.

“Whatever, your name is like Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid “, I chuckle making him roll his eyes. “ I actually like my name, and I’m a big fan of The Little Mermaid “.

“My parents named me after Jane from Tarzan, they use to show me the movie all the time “. Oh dammit I’ve said too much. I cringe waiting for the dreaded question. “Where are your parents? “, Eric questions sounding sincere.  I sigh “They disowned me “. I close him off and bite into my second tomato and cheese sandwich. I haven’t eaten the in weeks.

He sighs and gets up placing the food back into his bag. I watch quietly as he starts to walk. Eric stops and turns around. “Aren’t you coming?” he asks walking back to me.

“Where are we going?” I ask wearily, I haven’t left this shelter in weeks. I’ve only gotten up to get water from the nearby tap. “To my workplace, you need some warm clothes and a good shelter “, he replies knowingly.

“But I’m fine here, you have already given me food and a blanket “, I smile, not getting up from the floor, that has dried. “ You can’t live here for all your life, you need to get an apartment, a job “. He kneels down in front of me, looking like he is begging for me to come with him.

I contemplate. I would like a job and a hot shower. I shrug “fine “. He smiles and jumps up excitedly. Shaking my head I get up slowly. “Come on, let’s find you a life “, he says sounding like some inspiring person.

He leads the way to my life ahead of me; I hope this is worth it.



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