Journal Task #3 – Performance poetry

We’ve been exploring Performance or ‘Slam’ Poetry, and how we can use both language devices and performance skills to tell stories, express opinions and engage audiences. We’re working as a class towards exploring lots of different kinds of Performance Poetry and experiencing the different styles of various poets, in order to work towards creating our own poems for a class Poetry Slam in Week 10.

This fortnight, we watched Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye perform their poem, ‘When Love Arrives’, as a starting point for our first form of our poetry. You need to use this poem as a starting point for inspiration to create your own story or poem, using the same descriptive, metaphorical style. The aim is to flex your descriptive muscles and try your hand at creating a piece that tells a good story that will sound beautiful when performed. You do not need to write about what Sarah and Phil wrote about – just learn from their descriptive, metaphorical style and tell your own story.

This task is due to be uploaded by Thursday 26th March. Have fun!

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